Serena Williams: ‘I will play the US Open with total security if it is played’

Serena Williams continue his preparation for the US Open despite the multiple casualties that the tournament is accumulating in recent days due to the coronavirus pandemic. The American does not contemplate the option of deleting herself from the tournament.

“I will play with total security if it is disputed”, assured this Saturday in a virtual press conference. This statement was made not only in reference to the US Open, but also to Roland Garros.

Serena was, in mid-June, the first star to confirm her presence in the New York tournament. “But I don’t know what will happen in the future. As tournaments were being canceled, I only thought about working to see what came next ”, he explained.

The youngest of the Williamses, who has suffered lung problems in recent years, has taken many precautions in recent months amid the current health situation. “Playing tennis is fine, but it is my life and my health”, He explained, after recognizing the nerves caused by the current state.