Second parts, better than the first in the MotoGP doublets

Some say that “second parts were never good”, but there are many exceptions in the art world and one of them also has to do with the MotoGP race doublets. Last year the pandemic forced as an emergency reaction to compress the calendar between mid-July and the end of November and to focus it on Europe, and that forced having to dispute, for that of limiting the trips of the small family of the paddock, until five double racing dates on the same circuit. And in all cases those second parts were better when you factor in running speed: those second races were faster.

In Jerez the second of the races was 1 ”1 faster and the result was repeated as regards the first two Quartararo and Viñales and changed the occupant of the third box from Dovizioso to Rossi.

Double for Quartararo in the double appointment of Jerez-20

At the Red Bull Ring, the comparison cannot be made since in both cases there was a red flag and only Miller repeated the podium, changing a third for a second.

At Misano the second race was 6 ”4 faster. There was a change in the Yamaha winner, from Morbidelli to Viñales, and only Joan Mir repeated the podium, going from a third to a second.

In Aragon the second was 6 ”7 faster than the first and Rins and Mir were the only ones who were on the podium both times. In the first winner and third and in the second second and third.

In Cheste there was an abysmal difference of 14 ”8 in favor of the second one that Morbidelli took, precisely the race in which Mir was crowned champion and that he had conquered the first. Only Pol Espargaró repeated podium, twice third.

In short, only Fabio Quartararo was able to win one of the double dates and Viñales in Jerez and Miller in Austria also repeated the podium. Mir in Aragon and Misano, Rins in Aragon and Pol Espargaró in Cheste.

Regarding the poles, Quartararo doubled in Jerez and Viñales in Misano, in Austria Viñales scored the first and Pol Espargaró the second, in Aragon Quartararo and Nakagami followed one another and in Cheste Pol Espargaró and Morbidelli.


2020 JEREZ-1

1. Quartararo (41’23 ”795), 2. Viñales, 3. Dovizioso

2020 JEREZ-2

1. Quartararo (41’22 ”666), 2. Viñales, 3. Rossi

2020 AUSTRIA-1

1. Doviziosio (2 runs), 2. Mir, 3. Miller

2020 AUSTRIA-2

1. Oliveira (2 races), 2. Miller, 3. Pol Espargaró

2020 MISANO-1

1. Morbidelli (42’02 ”272), 2. Bagnaia, 3. Mir

2020 MISANO-2

1. Viñales (41’55 ”846), 2. Mir, 3. Pol Espargaró

2020 ARAGON-1

1. Rins (41’54 ”391), 2. Alex Márquez, 3. Mir

2020 ARAGON-2

1. Morbidelli (41’47 ”652), 2. Rins, 3. Mir

2020 CHESTE-1

1. Mir (41’37 ”297), 2. Rins, 3. Pol Espargaró

2020 CHESTE-2

1. Morbidelli (41’22 ”478), 2. Miller, 3. P. Espargaró

2021 LOSAIL-1

1. Viñales (42’28 ”663), 2. Zarco, 3. Bagnaia