Second B: ‘If we start well, we will give a lot to talk about’, warns Diego Carrio

The goalkeeper Diego Carrio is one of the few who continue in the Arenas squad this season, along with Uranga, Luariz and also Arzuaga, the latter with his comings and goings from his assignment to Alavés. The red-black goalkeeper celebrates the return of football, he is watching the whole of Olaizola in each friendly and is very excited about what they can do this course. With two basic ingredients in the recipe, a good game and to turn Gobela, to which they return, into a fortress.

Most teams have not officially competed since last March. “We have taken it badly, we all like to train and compete. But we are already working on it and the truth is that I am seeing the team very well, the players. I hardly notice those six months in which we have been standing, it is as if it had just been the usual summer break. We have left it behind and we are at the top ”, he says Diego Carrio in conversation with MD.

The red-black goalkeeper is satisfied with what he is seeing on the green. “Every day that passes I see the team better, assimilating the things that the coach asks of us. The team is practically new, we have to get to know each other and gradually translate the concepts into friendlies. Every day that passes I notice an important evolution ”, he applauds.

The one from Gasteiz, about the bowling that started without achieving victories, points out that “everyone likes to win, even if they are friendly. But now it is more important to assimilate the concepts, and more in our case because we are a whole new team. And that evolution is being seen a lot from the first to the latter. Then you have to polish things so that the results are favorable, which is what counts in football. We have to correct mistakes, but I am very happy with the evolution ”.

Regarding the type of football that Arenas will deploy this year, the red-black goalkeeper anticipates that “we are going to see a young, cheerful, intense team that is going to play football well, always minimizing risks from behind. We return to Gobela and it will be key, we are going to become very strong ”.

With that return to the ‘cage’, to his lair of Gobela, Diego Carrio He comments that “more than thanking that return as such, is that Fadura was not in conditions, it hurt us more than it helped us. Nobody gave a solution so that it was well and the club decided to return to Gobela, because we lost points at home. Proof of this is that we were the worst place. Coming back is a success, it is always difficult for any rival, they know that they will suffer and that they have to sweat India ink to get the points. This season we will make it a fortress, that the games have to be won ”.

Speaking of what he expects this season, the Arenas goalkeeper puts on the table that “this year it is difficult to set goals, it will be short. If you start well, you will surely finish well. And if you start badly, you will suffer a lot. Get off to a good start, the season goes by, things turn out better and people are confident. We are mentalizing for that. Last year we did not win until the tenth round and that diminished us a lot ”.

Without going beyond the first day, his first rival will be Bilbao Athletic. “It will be a beautiful duel, we are a young and eager team, it will be very attractive for the people in the area. Facing them will be an extra motivation that has to work in our favor. And then there will be the Gobela factor, ”he says.

With 25 years, in the individual chapter, Diego Carrio He explains that “I am in a good moment, with an age that I already consider that I am at maturity. With the weight of a good number of games in the category. I will try to contribute everything I can and help young people to become footballers. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a very exciting season. I do not rule out anything on a personal or collective level. I always try to look at it with optimism and enthusiasm. If we start well, we will give a lot to talk about ”.