Second B: ‘I trust that I will give a great level’

José Picón (Santander, May 13, 1988) has had a difficult season at Barakaldo. The versatile player (can act as a central or right back) suffered a shoulder injury at the first change of the course. And, in early October, a double rupture of the meniscus, internal and external, of his left knee arrived. Dry dock. Attacked for failing to help the team in a difficult campaign. He yielded his file and the club from Gualdinegro renewed him in February for another year. Now, he highlights his enormous desire to return, confident that he will live a good exercise 2020-21 in the green.

In conversation with MD, irritation explains that “I am fully recovered, the best medicine has been time, within the bad and the negative that has been. I have recovered well, I am in full power, wanting to start early and touch the ball, which is what we all want. ” He turned 32 in May and highlights that “I feel very good, it has been a convulsive season, but I am very strong. Mentally I am very well and with total confidence that I am going to give a great level this season and a lot of war in the fields ”.

The defender leaves behind a season of those that can be called ‘crusades’. “It was quite frustrating. On the first day I injured my shoulder, I had to be several days outside of eleven. And when I had recovered and was returning to normal, I suffered another entrance in which my menisci was broken and I had to undergo surgery. I tried to avoid it by all means, but it could not be, which meant that I was practically out all season. Because then the coronavirus came and goodbye, ”he recalls.

At least, the manufacturing entity extended the contract in February for one more year. “The truth is that I appreciate the confidence shown from the club since I arrived, also from the new board. I hope to return it to him in the field as I would like, I hope that with the promotion next year “, he comments Irritation.

The Barakaldo defender had a hard time failing to contribute his grain of sand in the face of adversity. “That’s right, we could not chain results, nor did we find ourselves in the game, or anything … Being away makes it even more complicated, you cannot help as you want and, for a player like me, I’m up there through the walls … “, he points out.

When addressing the issue of the reasons why Barakaldo has lived a campaign with these difficulties, ending in fourteenth place when the League was cut due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Cantabrian indicates that “it has been complicated since beginning. The preseason was not as good as we expected and despite that, we started well. Although we were not able to maintain the level in the rest of the games. That took its toll on us. We were not consistent with the results or the game. Having so many peaks, those highs and lows, it makes you have instability that is not good. ”

Last page. There is no other. It is time to face a new stage with Aitor Larrazabal again on the factory bench. “We have held meetings, he has told us what he expects of us in a sporting way. We already know each other, he knows what we can contribute. The objective is clear next year, at least the Pro League. We will go match by match, to stay as high as possible, but the goal is to sneak into that new league, which looks very good and we hope to benefit, “says an excited man irritation.

And all that, with a ‘war economy’, as is the club, with the Bankruptcy Law and the Social Security fine. “Barakaldo is historically a big club, it deserves nothing less than fighting for those goals. You always have to be ambitious. You will be hard pressed or you will not have the budget of others, but it is a very attractive club for the player. It is necessary to come and give the maximum to achieve the objective that we all have between eyebrows and eyebrows ”, he stresses.

In Barakaldo there have been casualties of men with weight in the locker room, captains. Players like Sergio García or Txabi Galán. “The truth is that his departure is a shame. They were very good companions, for me they are friends, important people for Barakaldo. We have spent three very good years together. But this is football, you have to abide by the decisions that are made, “he says. Irritation.

Now you will have to pull more of the car with others, such as Carles Marc. “I assume that responsibility with great pride and desire to be able to live up to the captains,” he says.