Scolari acknowledges that he was very close to directing Boca Juniors

The Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari “Felipao” acknowledged that he was very close to becoming the coach of Boca Juniors last year and that at some point he will have the opportunity to manage this Argentine club.

“It was true that Batistuta spoke with me to direct Boca Juniors. This would have happened if Beraldi and Batistuta won the election, but unfortunately this did not happen. I like Boca, there will be an opportunity to direct it. I like how he plays, how he copes with the game, how he behaves, but I also have identification with all the clubs I managed in all parts of the world. But yes, I have enough identification with Boca, and from here I will be encouraging Boca in recent years, ”said the 69-year-old coach in dialogue with Radio Miter.

In another nod to the whole ‘xen
eize‘Scolari said: “I liked the style of Guillermo’s Boca more than the River of Gallardo. That Boca had a more classic and beautiful way of playing, I liked Guillermo’s team more. I really liked seeing that Boca team play. The River team also plays well, but it is different, but I like Boca’s warrior and strong style. I have no relationship with Gallardo, but if with Guillermo, we have met in some games, I have a good relationship with him and I have a reciprocity of thought, I feel good when I talk to him.

“It is very good to say that Gallardo is among the best in the world, and I think he could already be in a club in Europe for a few years. In South America there are very good technicians, but mainly the Argentine technicians who are going more to Europe than the Brazilian technicians ”, he argued.

Regarding the possible return of Brazilian football in the context of a pandemic by coronavirus, ‘Felipao’ sentenced: “My opinion regarding the return of soccer is that more time is allowed until the situation is normal and that future consequences are avoided. I think in August or September you could be in a normal situation. “

In the same sense, he said that the Copa Libertadores de América he conquered twice, with Gremio in 1995 and Palmeiras in 1999: “I do not think it will be played this year, but if it were to be played it will have to be with some modifications. Some games could be played in September or October, but I don’t think it will end normally until the end of the year. ”

The experienced coach suffered the worst defeat in the history of Brazilian soccer, the win against Germany in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and did not hide his feelings: “The 7 to 1 with Germany was the hardest defeat I had to suffer, because it was with the national team of my country. It is a defeat that will be marked, for us as well as for Germany. It was a very sad thing in the sequence of life and work, ”however, he added:“ If that game were to be repeated, of course it would change some situations and it could be different because you already know what happened and would think about changing details afterwards. what happened. But it is over and you have to assimilate and follow life. “

On days when Lautaro Martínez’s move to Barcelona was about to be finalized, Felipao did not hesitate to highlight Neymar over the Argentine crack thinking of the best company for Lionel Messi in the culé attack: “I worked a long time with Neymar, who He is one of the best players in Brazilian football and he will be the best in the world in the future. I believe that Barcelona would work again with Neymar together with Messi and would make a spectacular duo, I have nothing against Lautaro Martínez, but since I already worked with Neymar and I know the conditions, I believe that he would enter Barcelona better ”.

“I am looking forward to directing again, but the first and most important thing is to go through all this that is happening, we have to take care of ourselves and not let the coronavirus enter our homes. I want to return healthily and safely ”, concluded Luiz Felipe Scolari.