Scientists calculate when we will return to normal after the pandemic

Various experts have estimated that the challenge after the pandemic will be “to return to the previous normal situation”, something that, they have underlined, “It may take a couple of years, at least.”

It is one of the conclusions of the cycle of webinars organized by the MySphera Chair at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in which prominent personalities and professionals from various entities and companies in the health and technology sector, both nationally and internationally, have participated in recent weeks.

One of the most repeated ideas throughout these meetings has been the “Ferocity and virulence” of this pandemic. In this sense, experts have underlined the importance of research to find one or more vaccines against covid-19, since it is “The only therapy we have to eradicate this virus.”

“If anyone was prepared, raise your hand. This was a thing from science fiction books and catastrophic movies. I helped to draft the disaster plan for the Vall d’Hebron Hospital; In it, we visualize all kinds of situations, from plane crashes, terrorist attacks, massive poisonings, accidents of all kinds, fires, but nobody imagined that a pandemic of this style could arrive. Our pandemic model is the flu of every year and it is more than clear that what we are experiencing has nothing to do with seasonal flu”, Declares Juan Antonio Hueto, coordinator of Surgical Processes of the Hospitals of the Institut Català de Salut.

They stressed the importance of research to find one or more vaccines

Hueto affirms that the pandemic has made us see that the Spanish health system that was not as strong as we thought, due among other reasons to the decapitalization to which it has been subjected in recent years.

It also regrets the lack of quick decisions against the virus as well as the lack of support from society or the lack of protection to which the elderly have been subjected.

Now, the challenge that we have to face in this post-war of the covid is to return to the previous situation of normality. And this will take us a couple of years, at the very least”, He predicts.

To return to that normality, the vaccine appears as “the only therapy we have to eradicate this virus or at least bring it to levels that are manageable by the different health systems and by the global economy,” Hueto highlights.

José Pagan, Professor of Public Health at New York University and Director of the Governing Board of the New York City Hospital System, has expressed himself along the same lines.

In his opinion, the management – and the impact – of the coronavirus worldwide has been very uneven and the politics, ideology and culture of each country have significantly influenced this heterogeneity of models.

And about the vaccine, he is resounding in “asking leaders to convey a very clear message of its importance as a solution to this problem.”

The New York University professor also assures that the virus has caused a technological revolution that has no turning back and that it will remain ingrained in the system.

“For example, I think telemedicine is here to stay. This pandemic has also opened the doors to other technologies, such as the use of apps to analyze and manage the spread of the virus; and even others that will allow hospitals to be more efficient and work better, by reducing the number of patients who can meet in one place, organize the flow of people, organize appointments, etc. ”, points out Pagán.