Sciences accuses the Spanish Rugby Federation of preventing him from fighting for the title

The Sciences University Pablo de Olavide has accused the National Sports Discipline Committee of the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) to prevent him from fighting for the Honor Division league title by declaring the winner 21-0 at Lexus Alcobendas of the game postponed due to cases of Covid-19 in the Sevillian team.

The Sciences, in a statement, states that “he earned his place among the best with his effort on the grass throughout the season” and that he was facing the game against Lexus “wanting to measure their true potential against a great team”, although “the federation did not allow it.”

“We had no options, we could not play on another date, there was no foresight, no interest, no will,” says the Sevillian club, which regrets that its “great season” has been “truncated by this federal decision to give for lost the quarterfinal match in the fight for the title. “

Add the Sciences that in the current pandemic situation “the club has scrupulously complied with all the prevention regulations and established protocols” and that it is “the first team that does not have the option of postponing the match due to covid as the others did” during the phase regular league.

The club considers that “the lack of federative foresight in the calendar scheduling” offends and condemns them “with a decision that is” a bitter end for some players “after a” so complicated “season in which they overcame all” adversities when things didn’t work out. “