Schwartzman: ‘Against Djokovic there will be a lot of nerves for sure’

Diego schwartzman stated at a press conference that in his debut in the ATP Finals against Novak Djokovic there will be “a lot of nerves”, but he hopes they will affect him in a “positive” way.

I think that in the first match there are always nerves, whether you know the tournament or not. Without a doubt, most of them run with the advantage of having played here many times, and when one returns to a tournament, one knows if he plays well or not, knows the ball, the court … For me everything is new, there will be many nerves for sure, but it is also the beauty of this sport. I hope that the nerves affect me for good, “reflected the Buenos Aires native.

Against Djokovic you have to go out 100% and if he is not full, maybe you have opportunities, “said Schwartzman about the Serbian, who will be his rival this Monday at 2:00 p.m. local time.

In addition, the Argentine joked about his prediction before the draw, in which he chose as his preferred rivals those who were placed in the other group.

“When I saw the draw, my friends made fun of me for naming the other group as favorites. Anyway, we knew that either of the two groups is very hard“, said the‘ Peque ’.

“I believe that the difference between the two groups is the playing styles. In mine they are great servers and can take a lot of rhythm from the game. They also mix it with great background play. Regarding level, they are all great players and the rival does not matter because they are all the best in the world, “he said.

Schwartzman, who has become the eighth Argentine to play the ATP Finals, praised the O2 Arena track and said it is a bit slower than the Paris-Bercy track, so he likes it “a bit more.”