Schick: ‘Leipzig have options to reach the final’

Without a doubt one of the stars of the RB Leipzig it is Patrik schick, one of the attackers of the German team that will be the greatest danger above after the loss of Timo Werner
in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid.

The Czech striker loaned in the Teutonic team by the Rome believes that the quarterfinal will be better. “Hard to say. I think it benefits us to have had a longer rest. The season has been very long and I think this break will make us fresher for the match against Atlético de Madrid“He noted in Bild.

A duel to life or death in a match in which the attacker is clear where the key will be: “I think whoever scores the first goal will have a good chance of winning the match. Because Atlético is a little more defensive. ”

He RB Leipzig dreams of continuing to give surprises in the tournament. “Of course, it is the Champions League after all. There was never any doubt for me. This year, with the fact that it will be played in a single match, it will be easier to advance. We have options to go to the final. There are still many great teams on the way to the final. But we have demonstrated our quality on previous occasions. We have options although we are not favorites, ”he explained to the German newspaper.

Another hot topic for the Czech forward today is his future: “It’s not that I don’t know what will happen after the Champions League because I still have a two-year contract with Rome. And if Leipzig found a solution, I could stay here. But it is not a decision for me to make. This year will also be more complicated due to the strange market window. I want to stay here! We had an excellent season. I believe in the team and in the philosophy of the coach. I think we have the quality to play the title. And then we play the Champions League