Schedule and where to watch the NBA All Star on TV: game, dunks and triples

Comes a new edition of the NBA All Star Weekend, in a year 2021 in which it will have a different format, due to the incidence of the pandemic. The coronavirus forced to delay the competition dates of last season, with the League Finals in the month of October. All this caused the current season to start later and has kept the celebration of one of the most representative events of the season in suspense until recent weeks.

This year, due both to these difficulties due to the dates, to the strength of the ‘Black Lives Matter movement‘And the desire to achieve maximum safety at the sanitary level, the All Star events they are going to focus on just one day. This will replace the traditional weekend, in the same way that only the most representative events will be held, such as the All Star Game and the Dunk, triples and skills contests.

The NBA has designed a basketball super sunday that has generated very different opinions among the league stars. However, all of them will be present at the appointment. In this way, the NBA has managed to carry out one of the events that make it a leading player worldwide.

The celebration of this iconic event has not been without its difficulties. Indianapolis was originally planned to be the headquarters of the All star this year, However, the NBA and the headquarters decided to postpone their agreement until 2024. Thus, Atlanta has been the city finally chosen for, in principle, gathering better conditions to adapt to the difficult situation.

At first, it was planned that only the All-Star PartyHowever, the organization has managed to include three contests before and during the match. In this way, the skills and triples contests will precede the match. At halftime, the dunk contest will take place.

The fans have once again been decisive in choosing the participants in the All Star Game. Lebron James on the Western Conference and Kevin Durant, on the Eastern Conference, They were the most voted and for this reason they were in charge, together with fans and the press, of choosing the starters and substitutes for each team.

On the part of the Western Conference, LeBron (LA Lakers) will be accompanied by Stephen Curry (GSW), Luka doncic (Dallas Mavericks), Kawhi leonard (LA Clippers) and Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets).

On the part of the Eastern Conference, Durant will not be able to play this match due to injury and will be replaced by Domantas Sabonis (Indiana Pacers). However, the four players confirmed as starters, in the absence of the forward of Brooklyn nets, are Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards), Kyrie irving (Brooklyn Nets), Giannis Antetokoumpo (Milwaukee Bucks) and Joel embiid (Philadelphia 76ers). Jason tatum (Boston Celtics) will occupy the fifth starting place that he leaves free Durant.

There will be seven players as substitutes on each team. By the West, will be Devin Booker and Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns), Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Rudy Gobert and Donovoan Mitchell (Utah Jazz), Paul george (LA Clippers) and Zion Williamson (Pelicans). In the West he has been left out due to injury Anthony Davis (LA Lakers).

Meanwhile, in the East, they will accompany Sabonis players like Jaylen brown (Boston Celtics), James harden (Brooklyn Nets), Zach Levine (Chicago Bulls), Ben simmons (Philadelphia 76ers), Julius Randle (Knicks) and Nikola Vukcevic (Orlando Magic).

NBA All Star schedule

The All-Star Party (All Star Game) is played at dawn on Sunday 7 to Monday 8 March, at 2.00 hours

The Skills and triples contests will precede this match, at 0.30 am. The Math contest will take place at the break of All-Star Party (All Star Game)

Where to see the NBA All Star?

The NBA All Star can be seen by WE GO (8 and 45) and Movistar Sports (53), platform dials Movistar Plus. You can follow all the information about the event by Mundo Deportivo website.