Schedule and where to watch on TV gala 6 of The Island of Temptations 3

The Gala 6 of The Island of Temptations 3 it seems spectacular, since the reality show he is warming up and the protagonists have already been unleashed, with betrayals and infidelities. So far, the great criticism of the program is Lola, who has committed a new infidelity to her boyfriend Diego. After fooling around a lot with the Italian Simone and her regret, hardly any time has passed and she ended up under the covers with Carlos.

The friend of Lola, Lucia, I was meeting the bachelor, Carlos. However, he has not hesitated to approach him and end up in a torrid affair under the sheets of the bed, which has caused him to suffer a lot of criticism on social networks from the followers of the program.

To date, this third edition is where there has been the most promiscuity and infidelity. Of the 10 protagonists, already Marine He already fell into temptation with Isaac, Lola double with Simone Y Carlos. Manuel, meanwhile, succumbed to the charms of Fiama Y Stefany, that is, another contestant also with double infidelity.

Diego, before the horns of Lola, he “took revenge” with a kiss to Carla. In this sixth episode, everything seems to indicate that there will be new ones, kisses, touching … Who will be tempted in this new program?

One of the great novelties in the past program has been the veto collar. With the emergence of this new rule, contestants select a tempter and a temptress, who will not be able to date. Also, one of the boys will have a chance to see 10 minutes live what your partner has done in the other villa. In addition, the appointments in Villa Montaña have repeatedly activated “The light of temptation”, which is the great novelty in this third edition.

The program remains the flagship of Mediaset on your grill. The episode from the past 18th of February It swept again, but for the first time it dropped below 3 million viewers. Up to 24.7% screen share and an audience of 2,921,000 viewers.

When is Gala 6 of The Island of Temptations 3 airing?

The program airs today, Thursday, February 25, at 22.00 hours

Where to see gala 6 of The Island of Temptations 3?

The sixth gala can be seen by Telecinco, platform channel Mediaset. You can follow all the information about the program through the section “Another world”, on the website of