Schedule and where to see the interview of Ibai Llanos with Sergio Ramos

The captain of the Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, currently injured and with the unknown above his renewal, receives an interview from Ibai Llanos, one of the great current communicators. Through the platform Twitch, there will be a relaxed talk between the two where personal issues of the player, football …

“Chatting quietly” has been titled the face to face between Llanos and Ramos, who has already chatted with other great athletes such as Marc Gasol, the player of the FC Barcelona Gerard Hammered or the player of the Atlético de Madrid
Marcos Llorente placeholder image. Thus, the interest aroused by this interview format is once again evident.

Ibai has managed to popularize these interview formats, so the presence of Sergio RamosOn this occasion, he once again highlights the success of the encounters he carries out on social networks. Access, in general, to a younger audience and the usual tone, with less seriousness than in other media, seems a formula that is attracting many athletes.

On this occasion, Ibai interviews the captain of the Real Madrid, who is on leave due to the operation of the medial meniscus of the left knee. In addition, the camero is in the focus of the current situation of the white team due to the current situation around its possible renewal. The future of Sergio Ramos is one of the hot topics off the pitch in this final stretch of the season.

It is also expected that Ibai Llanos ask the captain of Real Madrid for the news of the team, which comes to tie the derby in the stadium Metropolitan Wanda in front of Atlético de Madrid. The merengue team is immersed in the fight for LaLiga Santander and for the Champions League. His return will coincide for a few key weeks in the end of the season.

Similarly, it is expected that Ibai influence with your usual carefree tone in more everyday aspects of the Real Madrid crack. It is usual that Ibai ask about more unknown traits of your interviewees, so it will be necessary to see what surprises the conversation with Sergio Ramos.

When is Ibai Llanos’ interview with Sergio Ramos?

The interview is broadcast today, Thursday, March 11, at 19.00 hours. It is expected, however, that a preview of this will be offered at 5:00 p.m.

Where to see the interview of Ibai Llanos with Sergio Ramos?

The interview can be followed through the Twitch platform, through the Ibai Llanos channel. You can follow the information about the event by Mundo Deportivo website.