Scaloni, a la Koeman: ‘Messi’s thing is to take off his hat’

Leo Messi, already concentrated with the Argentine team to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers and the Copa América, received the fiery praise of his coach, Lionel scaloni, during an interview for Ole on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Argentine media. If in one of his last press conferences his coach at Barça, Ronald Koeman, said of Messi that “as a person and professional he is a 10, a unique player” and added that “the club has much more future than without him”, Scaloni did not fall short of assessing the role of 10 of FC Barcelona and Argentina. “The thing about Messi is to take off his hat,” he said.

With all the questions focused on Messi’s role as a member of the Albiceleste national team, Scaloni left several headlines of impact. “I assure you that he is the one with the most blood, the one who wants to win the most, the one who hurts the most to lose, I have no doubts,” he pointed out emphatically. Scaloni also applauded Messi’s role as a wardrobe benchmark. “He is the first one when the coach needs a hand,” he said. “As he is a guy who sells so much, many put topics on him … Many things can be said, but honestly we talk with the coaching staff and sometimes it is impressive how he takes it naturally, well. It is to take off the hat. Everything that he has generated and generates, what he is and what he did, is not only because he plays football well, but because of what he is as a person ”, he pointed out.

“It is the first that when the coach needs a hand he is there”

Scaloni wondered rhetorically about Messi’s “failures” throughout such a long career. “How many years has he been at the highest level and how many lapses has he had? I do not know. It is impressive how well he is doing. He is a boy who when he gets home, everyone wants to take a picture of him, he always has to have a good face, be available, and 99% of the time he does, he is available. It is to value. It is the first that when the coach needs a hand, it is. He has always tried to do what the coach says, I have nothing to say about that. But on a human level it is where he has our support because that is where he makes a difference ”.

“Years go by and you become more and more a leader”

Scaloni even underlined Messi’s leading role, so often questioned in Argentina. “Before there were more experienced players, who had the role that he has now. This goes in stages. When you come to the national team for the first time, there are players who have been around for ten years, you go through the stages and you become more and more leader, ”he said.

The coach prefers not to go to the result but to the sensation. “What we want is for Leo to enjoy himself, to play football, to be happy. I think that is where the question lies. Because when the race is over, he or whoever it is will have the moments when you were happy and made people enjoy themselves. Then win one. And we Argentines are quite clear that in the end one wins. Today football is so competitive that it is difficult to win. I always tell him to have a good time and to enjoy each training session ”, he listed.

In his daily relationship, Scaloni commented that with Leo “we only talk when I really think it is necessary” because “with no player we are invasive”. “Leo has to feel that he is a player of the National Team and should not decide how, or when to travel, or when to go to that side or to another. That is essential. He only has to dedicate himself to playing football and that’s enough “, he argued.

“Never, never did Leo get into a lineup”

Finally, Scaloni categorically demined that Messi had an influence on calls or line-ups. “If there’s one thing I can say, and I can do it open-mouthed, it’s that he never, ever, got into a lineup. It’s crazy to say that. It is unfeasible. Now that he says this yes or this no, it’s crazy that I don’t know where to get it, it doesn’t make sense ”.

Messi has not yet confirmed if he renews his contract with Barça or if he undertakes another professional adventure, but Barça president Joan Laporta announced on Friday that the talks “are going well, but they are not yet closed.”