Savic’s claim on social media

The Atlético de Madrid came forward in front of the Villarreal thanks to a goal surrounded by unknowns. In the first place the referee canceled it for offside, from the VAR they clarified that it was not like that, but then they stayed reviewing the play because there could be a lack of Savic on Pau Torres. Something that was also ruled out, the team celebrated the goal but whose goal was it …

In the images it is clear that Asenjo in the first instance rejects the ball and bounces in Pedraza and ends up entering the goal. For this reason, both television and From Burgos Bengoetxea later in the minutes he made it clear that the goal was from the Villarreal footballer’s own goal.

Although right after the game Savic He jokingly asked for that goal to be awarded: “I’m happy because Juventus didn’t score, I don’t know if they’re going to take it away or not but I’m happy for me too,” to which he added about the suspense over the decision of VAR through Movistar Plus: “I knew I was not going to whistle a foul but I had my doubts if it was offside. We have to get used to him being late with VAR decisions but in the end I’m happy to have participated in that play ”.

Well, in social networks, more specifically in Instagram, they continued with the debate. Marcos Llorente published a photo in which he appeared with the Montengrin and asked him: “Is it your goal or not? Savic? ”. To which the defender replied: “Oh, of course it’s mine.” So it seems that in the locker room of the Atlético de Madrid they are clear who scored the first goal in the La Cerámica Stadium.

Savic’s response to Marcos Llorente in social networks