Savic: ‘It is more difficult to win the Spanish LaLiga than the Champions League, it is a feat’

Stefan savic, footballer of the
Atlético de Madrid
, was one of the keys that the mattress team won the title of The league. It was one of the pillars of the team, the extension of Simeone in defense.

The player could not be in the final of Zorrilla due to accumulation of warnings. “It was ten times harder than if he had played,” he said. Savic to ‘Vijesti‘. But that was not an obstacle for him to end up enjoying himself very much. “I have said it many times, I think it is more difficult to win The league that Champions. We are not even aware of the success we have had, of being better in the championship, in 38 games, than the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid. it’s a feat, “he says Savic.

The Athletic led the race for the title for more than 30 days. “When everything is looked at together, we deserved to win. It would have been a great shame if we did not crown all the good we did throughout the championship. We knew there would be ups and downs. We had a slump in February (…) but we knew it was an extremely tough and unusual season, full of uncertainty about the situation. We did not give up, nothing took us down, although we had a lot of pressure. We had two top-level rival teams and the media created a burden for us, because they constantly told us that we could not bear it, that no one believed in us “, he reflected to add:” We are a team of warriors, we have a strong character, spirit fighter and winner ”.

Savic he still remembers the last key games of the season, including that of the Camp Nou. “That game was literally decisive, we knew we were close if we didn’t lose, and if we lost, the Barcelona it would have the advantage, because it also had an easier schedule. We played a top game, we came out with courage and firmness, we wanted to show who is the leader and that we are ready for the title ”, he emphasized Savić.

In his sixth season with the mattress team, the Montenegrin recognized that it is special to win a title with him Athletic. “It is a special sensation, without a doubt my favorite trophy. I have been here for six years, I am one of the veterans, one of the most experienced, one of those who best knows the size and uniqueness of this great club. The Athletic It is a club that welcomed me like a member of the family. In addition, I have played an important role in the team this season, I am very happy and proud to have contributed to this great success in this way, ”he pointed out to‘Vijesti‘.


There are few footballers who have in their record the titles of league champion in Spain and England. And he has them. “It means a lot to me, I didn’t know that I was the only player in Montenegro with two championship titles in the strongest leagues. I hope I don’t stop there, who knows that maybe one day a third party will come to another place, but all my concentration is now in Atlético ”, said the player, who has a contract until 2023.

“It was not easy to get here. It is not easy for a footballer who comes from a small country to fight for status. There has to be a lot, a lot of work, you have to prove yourself perhaps more than others. I have always believed that the time would come to appreciate what I do and how I do it. And it came, but I keep going, “he said Savic who explained that the role of Lewis
Suarez it was vital.