‘Save me’ announces its two new and surprising collaborators

This week, Mediaset is celebrating. The reason? Are fulfilled 12 years on the screen of ‘Save me’, one of the most powerful programs of the entertainment group. To celebrate, the format has already announced that there will be several new features, including: new collaborators who will gradually join the team and that could endanger the continuity of some of the usual commentators. And this Tuesday, the first additions have been announced: The Mellis, two singers known for their connection to Isabel pantoja.

The new ‘Save me’ gatherings have remained practically all afternoon hidden in a cage while their new companions tried to find their identity. For his part, Jorge Javier Vázquez was giving clues, although it was not until he announced that they would have the “two-headed first collaborator”That the rest have been clear about: it was about Las Mellis.

Las Mellis, new collaborators of ‘Sálvame’.

Las Mellis: “We have a lot to contribute, the collaborators are a bit asleep”

We have a lot to contribute to ‘Save me’, the collaborators are a bit asleep (…). Kiko Hernández makes it all up, he’s an actor from head to toe”, Commented the new gatherings in the presentation video, making it clear that they are going to give everything to keep the position.

Of course, as soon as they sat in their chair, the artists received a ‘pullita’ from the presenter: “Are you coming to work or as usual?”. Jorge Javier has not hidden his distrust towards the sisters. And it is that in his last visits to different Mediaset programs, he lost patience with them, since behind the cameras they were very brave and willing to speak and, already on set, they did not have anything of interest. “We come to work, of course”Las Mellis assured. “Because lately we ended up … We were already like saying‘Be careful with the Mellis who always play it to us‘”The presenter insisted.

Las Mellis, new collaborators of 'Sálvame'.

Las Mellis, new collaborators of ‘Sálvame’.

But who are Las Mellis? They are the sisters Raquel and Bibi Rodríguez, two Andalusian artists who were dedicated to the spanish song, which led them to establish a long friendship with Isabel Pantoja. In fact, at the time they both promoted a campaign to raise money and avoid imprisonment of the tonadillera. However, little by little his relationship with the singer deteriorated and ended.

In recent years, these sisters have been appearing some afternoon in ‘Save me’ or in some ‘Deluxe’To talk about the Pantoja family. In 2017, they also became contestants from ‘Survivors‘, Although their participation was disappointing and cost them a monumental fight from Mediaset. And is that Bibi
dropped out after 24 days for a health problem and, four days later, the hearing expelled raquel. In fact, they were even accused of having done a montage.

It is unknown what other collaborators will come to ‘Save me’

“Over these twelve years, a whopping 50 collaborators have passed through this set (…). Starting tomorrow, this group of collaborators will have new faces. For some of you these new additions will be welcome, but for others, however, they could mean their imminent exit from the program. Very attentive, collaborators, because for better or for worse, the twelve years of ‘Save me’ are going to bring many changes ”. With these words and a video, the format announced this Monday to its talk shows that there were going to be many changes.

For now, they have reached the Las Mellis program. However, from what has been implied, more new contributors have yet to arrive. In social networks, the names of Bethlehem Rodriguez, Gloria Camila Ortega and even Kiko rivera. Will any of them be one of the new signings of ‘Save me’?