Satrústegui relives the ‘armed robbery’ he suffered at the Bernabéu

Jesus Maria Satrústegui, one of the top scorers in the history of the Real society, has regretted this Tuesday that the Extremaduran referee Jesus Gil Manzano will not point out last Monday a Casemiro penalty over Monreal that could have given the triumph to those of Imanol Sheriff before him Real Madrid at the Alfredo Di Stéfano. The 67-year-old ex-footballer from Pamplona did not hesitate to relive the ‘Robbery of the century’ who lived at the Santiago Bernabéu March 23, 1980.

“This now is not an appetizer compared to what we suffer in our times. We were winning 0-2 at the Bernabéu and they tied us with a penalty that was a armed robbery. I even scored a goal, but they canceled the play …The Real Sociedad should have one more League. Madrid has always been Madrid, but you can ask any teammate and they will tell you that we should have won that League with all the right, ”said Satrústegui in statements on Tuesday to the program ‘What are you playing’, from Cadena SER.

‘Satrus’ refers to a game from the 1979-80 season that Real had practically won at the Bernabéu, with eight games remaining to finish the League, and which ended in a draw (2-2) thanks to the arbitration aid to Madrid. The San Sebastian team was willing to turn the championship upside down, but the Valencian José Luis García Carrión, a member of that match, decided to invent a penalty. Juanito deceived and surpassed Arconada from eleven meters, when several white players entered the area seconds before the ram fired.

The game was tough and even the whites could finish the first half with several fewer players if the braid had expelled Benito and Stielike after two tough and aggressive tackles. Juanito He was also able to see the red one after protesting forcefully when he already had a yellow one.

Satrústegui also commented to the ‘Què t’hi jugues’ program that “I have a lot of friends in Madrid and they are appreciated, but the reality is that in those days they helped Madrid and everyone knows it “.

Regarding the technology of video refereeing, the legendary Real Sociedad striker stated that “Now with the VAR things are clearer and something has been improved in flagrant actions, despite the fact that there are situations that generate discussion. In case of doubt, does VAR favor Madrid? I think so. Although it has been improved with video refereeing, doubtful plays continue to occur that are not with VAR … ”.