Sarah Kohan’s puzzling ‘look’ to be around the house

It has been several months since Sarah Kohan and ‘Chicharito’ they ended their relationship. However, the Australian continues to make headlines, almost unintentionally. A few days ago after being seen crying in a restaurant in The Angels, perhaps in response to his ex’s new partner. And now, for one of his last postings.

It has been from home. And more specifically, from your room. And it is that the ‘influencer’ appears in front of the mirror, with a strange (how much less) ‘Outfit’ to be at home.

Lace top-bra, slit shorts with lace and the typical UGG boots in camel color. A summer-winter mix that has left his more than one and a half million followers puzzled and that suggests that Sarah He is one of those people who always has cold feet.

Sarah Kohan’s puzzling ‘look’ to be around the house

The model has returned to California for a few days so that her two children,

Noah and nala
, they can be reunited with their father. There, we have also seen her enjoy a few days at the beach with the little ones: