Sara Sálamo ‘heart bursts’ after this moment with her newborn son

Christmas is over and the snow arrives, that’s exactly what happened in Madrid on January 7. It is because of that Sara salamo and Isco Alarcon have taken the opportunity to leave home and enjoy with their first-born The O in the garden in the capital.

“My heart bursts with each of your first few times. #NievaEnMadrid ”, wrote the Canarian actress along with the snapshots she published on her personal Instagram account, in which she has more than 893 thousand followers.

Recently, Salamo He also shared an intimate moment with his second son Piero, who was born in the final days of 2020.

“That it is exhausting, even painful for the first few days … But, oh my! how much I love you … You and your brother take me to the limit of truly loving. #MiTheoYMiPiero ”, he pointed out next to the capture that has ‘swept’ the networks.