Sara Sálamo answers the sex question: “We are very competitive”

The actress Sara Salamo, partner of the Real Madrid footballer Isco, was the guest of ‘The resistance’This past Monday and he had no problem answering the classic questions about sex and money he asks David Broncano.

On the economic section, Sara Salamo He said that “now I have 12,000 euros” but that he is waiting for “this week two payments for two jobs will enter” and when explaining his frequency of sexual relations he confirmed that it is quite active.

“My boy and I didn’t want to come here until we could say that once a day. But my book has come out and we are halfway there. There has been a lot of work and with the children… ”, he said Salami between laughs, to later point out that “we are very competitive”.

Sara Salamo and Isco Alarcón They have been dating for just over two years and they already have their first child, The O, who was born last June.