Sara Carbonero’s unexpected message: ‘I’m no longer broken’

The journalist Sara carbonero She is very active on social networks, where she has more than 3 million followers, and everything she publishes is news. Recently, the La Mancha shared a capture in which she appears enjoying a sunset in the center of Madrid with her great friend Isabel jimenez.

“I told him to smile at me because it was no longer a cliff, I said carelessly:‘ Smile at me, there is no risk of falling. I’m not broken anymore. ‘ Wonderful text from @anrreaz and photon from my @ isabeljimenezt5 #goodnight “, was the message he wrote next to the capture.

In just a few hours, the ‘post’ of Sara It has exceeded 54 thousand “I like you” and has accumulated numerous comments. “A good understanding few words are enough …”, replied a follower. “I love this photo,” another transmitted.

Recently, Sara carbonero He shared on his Instagram profile another capture in which he appears spectacular. “Calm. Everything is calm. Let the kiss last. Let time heal. Let the soul be the same age as the age of heaven #JorgeDrexler #findesbonitos #friends #concerts # domingosdesofá #lavida ”, was the text she chose to accompany her.