Sara Carbonero says goodbye to the radio with ‘dardito’: ‘You told me go home’

Summer arrives and with it the goodbye of Sara carbonero to his radio show, ‘Let the dance continue’. But do not spread panic. It will be only temporarily to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and will return in September, with the beginning of the school year.

“Everything happens for a reason … It has been the perfect end to the season, it is also a very beautiful cycle that ends and then continues, this is an impasse …”, the journalist commented on the microphones of BRAND Radio during the last program.

Sara Carbonero with Beatriz Luengo.

However, he has not wanted to leave without launching a ‘Zasca’ to their bosses jokingly: “You have to specify… The Eurocup is coming and You told me go home. So that it is understood ”, the Madrilenian explained to the listeners.

A few words that the presenter of the program has taken with great humor, Vicente Ortega, who has acknowledged that he is looking forward to September. Now to Sara You have to enjoy the long summer days with your children and friends in one of the most difficult years of your life.

Dani Martín with Sara Carbonero.

Dani Martín with Sara Carbonero.