Sara Carbonero conducts her most special interview: ‘It’s hard to find the words …’

The journalist Sara carbonero He has taken to social networks to share with his more than 3 million followers the interview he has done with Vanesa Martin. The La Mancha has assured that the successful singer, with whom she maintains a close relationship, is one of the people she admires the most.

“It’s hard to find the words when you want to say so many things and when you are lucky enough that your work leads you to be in front of one of the people you most admire personally and professionally,” he started through his Instagram profile. “Today, for one of those turns that life takes (in which I increasingly believe more), we have shared a dance with @vanesamartin_”.

Sara He continued, “Today we have met that artist who started as a little girl singing to school books, or the person who put aside her teaching practices to move to Madrid and bet on music.” “Vanesa has told us what her next collaboration will be, the complicated history of her dogs, her new facet as an athlete (eye that the girl promises, right @navarrocarolina?) And what she would always say yes to,” he insisted.

“Me, my friend, seven, seven thousand, seventy thousand, seven hundred thousand and seven million times I would say yes, to keep stealing little moments like this, to know the stories behind your songs and see how you keep getting excited when you tell them . To your passion for everything you do. To your unlimited generosity ”, he sentenced.