Sara Carbonero and Julia Janeiro, protagonists of this week on the covers of the heart

Every fan of the press of the heart knows that Wednesdays are synonymous with going to the newsstand to buy the main magazines dedicated to entertainment. The best-known headers in this field go on sale on this date, so the portals are filled with exclusives on the most famous people of today.


On this occasion, the magazine ‘Lecturas’ has on its cover Julia Janeiro, the daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario who has already turned 18 years old. “This is Julia Janeiro”, reads the headline with which they have gone to the newsstand this week.


One of the covers that has generated the most uproar on social networks has been that of the magazine ‘Diez Minutos’. The aforementioned publication tells exclusively that Sara Carbonero would be excited about a Canarian businessman. In addition, he explains that “he spent five days with some friends on Graciosa Island, at the home of José Luis, with whom he wasted complicity.”


For its part, the magazine ‘Semana’ has conducted an exclusive interview with Belén Esteban. The princess of the town says that “I don’t want to leave the TV but we have to think about the future”. And, according to the aforementioned medium, she has become a businesswoman.

Magazine cover

Magazine cover


The magazine ‘Hello!’ Is another one that has chosen Sara Carbonero to be its protagonist this Wednesday. The aforementioned magazine explains that the journalist has “regained her joy after her divorce”, along with a photograph in which the young woman appears enjoying a pleasant bath.


In this case, Olga Moreno is the protagonist of the cover of ‘Pronto’. The aforementioned publication has chosen the partner of Antonio David Flores who, in the midst of all the tornado that has been generated after the broadcast of Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries, is competing in ‘Survivors’.

Magazine cover

Magazine cover


“What do you say to me!” Is another of the magazines that chooses a character from “Survivors” for its cover. Anabel Pantoja has been chosen by the publication, which explains that “she cannot handle jealousy.”

Magazine cover

Magazine cover