Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas surprise with this plan hours after announcing their separation

Sara carbonero and Iker Casillas they have separated. The divorce rumors that had been accompanying the couple in recent weeks have become reality. Through a statement on their respective social networks, the couple announced that they are taking “different but not distant” paths.

The couple wanted to make it very clear through this letter that “we will continue together in the wonderful task of continue being parents dedicated as we have done so far ”, as well as that“ our priority is from love and commitment, sharing the well-being and education of our children and protecting them so that they grow up in a stable and healthy environment ”.

And said and done. And it is that hours after announcing their separation, both Iker What Sara shared in their stories of Instagram her Friday afternoon plan: play Parcheesi with her children.

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas played Parcheesi with their children

Undoubtedly, a sign of how friendly the breakup has been and the path they want to take from now on: share moments with their two children.