Sapir Berman, Israel’s first transgender referee

Sapir Berman, 26, was presented this Tuesday, “sure of the decision”, as Israel’s first transgender refereeThe Football Association informed Efe today.

“In the end I decided to go out, show what I am. First for me, for my soul and, also, for my relatives, who will not see me suffer,” he declared. Berman confessing a secret he kept out of fear that society would not accept him.

Berman thanked the organization for its support by announcing your decision publicly together with the president of the referee association, Ronit Tirosh, and CEO Yariv Teper, in the Israeli town of Ramat Gan.

“I always felt in a woman’s body from a young age and I didn’t know what name to give it, but I always had an attraction to the other side, a kind of envy, “he confessed.

Berman assured that until now he lived as “a very masculine character” and she acknowledged having been “successful”: “In the family they saw a man, but when she was alone she was a woman,” she said.

The young professional, who changed her name from Sagi to Sapir, she was sure of herself and “confident that it is the right decision.”

“I have broad support behind. I sincerely hope that our society improves and is as inclusive as possible for all sectors “, I trust.

The Israeli Football Association expressed its full support for Berman and examines how to properly accommodate transgender referees.