Sanyo tattoos Messi’s autograph and the paddle players make their classic cheer

The Classic is also lived intensely in the World Padel Tour (WPT). In the first test of the season that takes place at the Wizink Center in Madrid, some players make their cheers. The Argentinian Sanyo gutierrez, who is committed to the Catalans, shows us his tattoo with the signature of Messi, to whom he admires and explains the story. “My wife surprised me and I got to meet him and chat after training. I asked him to sign some t-shirts and also my arm, which I went to tattoo immediately afterwards. For me Leo It is an example beyond sports. I like his professionalism and his work as well as his ability with the ball ”. Sanyo is this year the couple of ‘Padel Messi‘, Fernando Belasteguin, which also opts for a Barça victory.

Ale GalánHowever, at No. 1 in the ranking he bets on Madrid as well as the couple formed by Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter. Lucia Sáinz, the nº1, admits Barça but believes that today’s game will end in a draw. “I would like Barça to win but I see a 1-1”

The baton between the players of the WPT

Mapi Sánchez-Alayeto

Majo Sánchez-Alayeto

Ariana sanchez

Paula Josemaría

Fernando Belasteguin

Alejandro Galán

Pablo Lima

Lucia Sainz 1-1

Sanyo Gutiérrez:

Carolina Navarro:

Cecilia Reiter: