Santolino climbs to 7th position two days before the end of the Dakar

Lawrence Santolino (Sherco) has taken another step to end the Dakar 2021, his objective, and to do it in positions of merit, and he has done it on another day without errors, a tactic that has been proving very effective in recent days, in which the pressure between the favorites has knocked out several clear players aspirants. The man from Salamanca has already gone further than ever but wants to be on the finish line, and as high as possible.

The tenth stage was once again of dust and fast tracks, a combination that has been repeated in this second part of the race and that has marked the development of the Dakar in its decisive week. Santolino He started in a leading position after ninth place on the ninth stage and has once again applied his formula: manageable pace, confidence in his navigation and few errors when finding the right path. The result, ninth place of the day and a position higher in the general, seventh, after the abandonment of another favorite: the Chilean Cornejo, who started leading and who fell, to leave after having even reached the finish line.

“Overall, good. At some points I have lost a bit, but I have re-engaged well. In the final part I got together again with Howes and Sanders, but in the last 20 kilometers I have lost a lot and I don’t understand it very well, because I doubted at one point, but I didn’t think so much. There was a lot of dust and the journey was very fast. The bike is fine I physically too … Another day more “, has commented the pilot. The sanctions to pilots who precede him and the abandonment of Cornel let Santolino seventh and with margin for the ‘top ten’.

The stage has been won by the current champion, Ricky brabec, almost discarded five stages ago and that has recovered a lot of ground without making noise: it was 25 minutes and now it is 51 seconds, ready to win. Second has been Joan Barreda. Nacho Cornejo, leader at the start, suffered a fall and, although he reached the finish line, has decided to retire after being examined by the doctors. The general is now commanded by Kevin Benavides. And this Thursday, the eleventh stage, very feared: it is the longest with a 511 stage and it will be decisive.

Classification stage 10


1.R. Brabec (Honda) 3h 12.33

2.J. Barreda (Honda) at 3.15

3.K. Benavides (Honda) at 5.11

… 9. L. Santolino (Sherco) at 15.08

General ranking:

1.K. Benavides (Honda) 40h 20.08

2.R. Brabec (Honda) at 51 seconds

3.S. Sunderland (KTM) at 10.36

…. 7. L. Santolino (Sherco) at 40.41