Santamaría defends the ‘improvement’ of Logroñés in his last game

The goalkeeper of the Logroñés Sports Union, Roberto Santamaria, believes that despite the bad dynamics that the Rioja team has been dragging in recent weeks, in their last match, against Lugo, they showed “an improvement” with “more arrival and better ball handling” even, despite numerous injuries that accumulates in its staff.

Santa Maria has highlighted this Wednesday at a press conference that another of the team’s improvements in recent games has been its strength, and specifically, against the Lugo, the defense was confident although “there was a little mistake that in the end cost a goal.”

“The defense was not very successful in the goal, but it was not only the fault of the players behind but of all, since if they had been pressed better, the ball would not have reached the small area,” he defended.

Logroñés plays this Saturday against the leader of the SmartBank League, Mallorca, “although you have to think that it is still just another game since in the end you have to play against all the teams in the league,” the goalkeeper considered.

“You have to face this game with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and with a winning mentality, since it has been shown that if you are not one hundred percent, anyone passes over you”, he said and has influenced that “you have to defend in our field that improvement that was seen against Lugo ”.

On the other hand, Santamaría has spoken about the complicated situation that the goal of Logroñés has experienced with the injury of its three goalkeepers during the first round and the need to hire a fourth, Dani Giménez, who gave him ownership a year ago. week.

“Unfortunately, the goalkeeper is a position in which these types of situations are more colorful than in others, but that has happened to other teams, although in different lines of the field,” the veteran goalkeeper has considered.

He believes that the large number of injuries that have occurred this season have been because there was a “very big” break of three months until returning to training once last season ended “and,” this year’s preseason has been lighter ”Something that has been coupled with an“ understanding ”of matches during the first round that“ has made the teams have to play every two or three days ”.

Despite this, he has ensured that the presence of three goalkeepers used to playing in the squad does not negatively affect the team since “there is a very good atmosphere between the three.”

On the other hand, the white-and-red goalkeeper recalled the period of time in which he was injured and analyzed the situation of the team at that time.

“The team had a dynamic in which it was missing or lost its hallmark, and even the six-game winning streak could confuse the squad and make them see that a lot of things had already been done, but unfortunately, in this category, things are only done at the end of the season ”, he concluded.