Sandoval: ‘The penalty was called from Madrid’

The coach of Fuenlabrada, José Ramón Sandoval, has criticized the penalty that has left him without a promotion play-off and that was “whistled from Madrid“, in reference to video arbitration.” Madrid and the man (referee) has whistled a penalty, “said the coach of the Madrid team after the defeat of his team against him. Sports (2-1). The technician said he saw the hand of Jose Fran on television and it was not enough to call a penalty.

Sandoval He was “very proud” of his players and defended the team’s career after the championship break due to the coronavirus. “Only a pandemic has brought us down. We were the best team after confinement,” he declared in his appearance.

The preparer of Fuenlabrada He also defended the midfielder from Deportivo Álex Bergantiños, who this week had to testify to the National Police for having referred to the party as “paripé” in an audio that he sent to his colleagues and that was leaked. “He is an excellent person and his sports career has been immaculate. He is a victim. We have been speaking and I have told him that publicly I was going to defend him. He has had to live one thing due to the leak of a teammate and it is not right. He has shown what he is, a great professional, has defended the Sports“, he indicated.

Sandoval he wanted to send a “hug” to the player’s family because “they are the ones behind” the protagonists, like those of Fuenlabrada himself after “so many accusations that they have made us.”