Sancet, one of the pearls of Athletic, turns 21 today

Oihan Sancet, who started last Wednesday against Betis at Villamarín, turns 21 today. The Navarrese midfielder is preceded by a hopeful career in the lower categories of Athletic, but he still does not have continuity in the first team line-ups. The tall red-and-white footballer has not just exploded.

His incorporation to the first team coincided with the arrival of Berizzo to Athletic, season 2018-19. The Argentine coach, who did not last long on the San Mamés bench, fell in love with Sancet after seeing him in action with the first youth of the Bilbao club and called him to do the preseason with the lions without hardly having enjoyed a vacation, since it was summoned by the Spanish team for the Mediterranean Games.

The Navarrese trained with the elders, but began to compete with Bilbao Athletic. In one of those first league commitments, the rojiblanco midfielder suffered a serious knee injury. His return to the competition took longer than expected.

Last season he already entered the first team dynamic with Garitano on the bench, alternating performances with the subsidiary. His debut as a lion took place on August 16 in San Mamés. Athletic defeated Barça that day 1-0. Since then, Sancet has played 33 more games with the first team, with a record of two goals, almost always replacing a teammate.

Joseba Etxeberria, in the recent interview with MD, continues to maintain that Sancet is “an out of the ordinary”. The Bilbao Athletic manager makes it clear, yes, that “each player has their cooking time. I was 17 years old, but other players who have marked an era such as Urzaiz or Aduriz exploded with 23 and look at what races. You have to be patient and trust the players “

Etxebe added that “I have no doubt that Sancet is a high-level player. With us, in the reserve team, he played midfielder, perhaps he participated more in the creation, but his position is quite similar to the midfielder in which he is playing now. You have to have patience and confidence so that he and others can show their level in the competition ”.