Sanabria and Feddal, the only absences in the PCR tests

This Monday morning the preseason of the Real Betis, with the PCR test to the entire squad and coaching staff who will start the preseason stage in Marbella this Tuesday. Of the 32 summoned by Manuel Pellegrini for this first stage, Tonny Sanabria, with permission to join next Sunday, and Zou Feddal, who also had permission from the club to be absent this Monday, have been absent.

The players have been going in batches to the facilities of the Luis del Sol sports city to take the PCR test. This Tuesday they will return for the usual medical examination and to travel to Marbella, where they will carry out the first stage of the preseason. They will be in the city of Malaga until the 22nd of this month.

Tonny Sanabria finished competing in the Italian Serie A a few days ago, hence he joined the group a week later than the rest, as he is scheduled to do so next Sunday. Feddal, meanwhile, is negotiating his transfer to Sporting Clube de Lisboa, although differences in payment guarantees have slowed the operation.