San Mamés condemns Athletic in its European objective

What can change a statistic in just fifteen days. Especially with this frantic sprint. After the victory against Majorca, the numbers revealed that the Athletic He boasted one of his best harvests at home since each win equals three points in the League. It was the great sustenance for those of Garitano in their struggle for Europe. Not surprisingly, it was the least scored team as host. No one dared to desecrate the lion’s den.

But everything has turned radically. He Athletic has linked three losses in a row in San Mamés versus Real Madrid, Seville and Leganes. He has bled to death in his own home. Three setbacks that have taken him out of the continental fight. If the rojiblancos scored a 7 out of 9 on their return to the competition, with joys facing Betis and Majorca and tables with the Athletic, the curtain is lowered with a very poor 0 of 9 that has blown up the options of reaching seventh place even before playing the last day.

Everything pointed to the Athletic He had to improve his services at home to complete the comeback and forcefully assault one of the places of honor. And for that part it has fulfilled. In the five most recent trips, Bilbao have claimed victory three times. In Valladolid before the break and now in front of Valencia and I raised. To the statistic is added the one equaled in Eibar and defeat in the Camp Nou. An unexpected waterway has been opened in San Mamés. The blanket has not arrived for everything.

He Real Madrid and the Seville they were presented with the vitola of being the best visitors of the competition. He Athletic He competed well in both cases, he was very close to scoring, however he finished at zero and with a significant feeling of mosquito by the performance of the Var. The rojiblancos considered that the stomping of Dani Garcia to Marcelo that of Sergio Ramos to Raúl García. In front of the Hispanics they protested in the two goals from outsiders and demanded a penalty on Iñigo Martínez near the end. No decision favored those of Garitano.

Two painful defeats, although they could enter the logic. What went out of the norm and ended up condemning the Athletic was the setback with a Leganes who fights for salvation. Everything started to go wrong with the direct red Unai Simon mediated the first act and ended up exploding with the targets of Warrior and Assalé. The people of Bilbao did not have the capacity to respond.

A streak not seen by San Mamés for more than five years. He Athletic He has not chained three straight losses at home since the 2014-15 season, with Valverde at the controls. He closed the year falling in front of Cordova (0-1), in the debut of Iñaki Williams with the first team, and at Athletic (1-4) and started the next with another sinsabor against the Elche (1-2).

The numbers sing and the European goal has escaped from the hands of the Athletic in his own fiefdom. The ten league clashes played in San Mamés in 2020 they have ended with a balance of three wins, two draws and five defeats. The rojiblanco team occupies the eighth position in the classification of the best premises, although on this last day of the course it may be overtaken by Pomegranate, Villarreal and I raised. Too many gifts in San Mamés as to aspire to Europe.