San Mamés again to try to win LaLiga

Atlético de Madrid
will be measured this Sunday against Athletic Bilbao, on San Mamés. One of the most complicated appointments that remain for the team of Simeone from here to the end of the season. A match that can mark the fate of your options of being or not champion of The league.

The mattress team currently has a three-point advantage over the second-placed team, the Real Madrid, and with five over the third, the FC Barcelona, which remains to recover a postponed match. In other words, this weekend’s session will be key. The Athletic visit one of the most difficult courses in the competition, the Real Madrid receive the Real
Betis and the FC Barcelona visit to Villarreal, another complicated field.

For those of Simeone, this game is almost a ‘déjà vu’ compared to what he experienced a few seasons ago when he was also fighting for the title of The league. We are referring, of course, to the 13/14 season, the last in which the rojiblanco team was champion.

That team has always explained that the turning point to believe that it could be champion, as it ended up happening, was precisely in the match against him. Athletic on San Mamés. A victory in Bilbao on matchday 31st of that season, it helped the rojiblanco dressing room understand that it was possible to fight The league.

This time it will not be a turning point for the dressing room to believe it, he has been leading all season fighting for the goal, of course he believes it. But it will help the Athletic overcome one of the great tests that remain on the calendar, in which each game is a real minefield.

Going back to what happened in 13/14, that game can now inspire the colchoneros. It was a quote that exemplified how complicated it was to lift that title of The league. To begin with, those of Simeone leaders arrived, with 73 points, to one of the Barça, without margin of error. Something similar to what happens now.

The Athletic began losing that match, thanks to a goal from Muniain, recorded at a quarter of an hour. It seemed that he was going to lose the lead, but that mattress team responded with firmness and security to turn the game around. First with a bit of Diego Costa four minutes after the Biscayan goal and later, in the second half, with a goal of Koke.