Samuel Etoo faces his footballer son in court

Samuel Eto’o, one of the most successful strikers in football – especially for his career at FC Barcelona – has never been without controversy. The former footballer of Cameroonian origin, is called to testify in a court in Palma de Mallorca, accused of not paying food, studies and other benefits, some 20,000 euros, which he owes to his son Etienne, of legal age since 2020. The young footballer, who has just signed for Real Oviedo youth, has not heard from his well-known father for years, with whom he contacted by email, since the former Barça player never wanted to give his mobile number to him or his mother.

Retired in Qatar, like other soccer glories that the Arab Emirates choose to retire with a significant amount of money in his pocket, he will have to testify in court but we do not know if he will appear in Palma or do so by videoconference.

Questioned as father

The boy’s mother, Marián Pineda, was a young graduate in Hispanic Philology when she met the player in Mallorca and they maintained a relationship until one day she surprised him with another woman. Etienne later suffered “Humiliations and absences of his father”According to Marián and Eto’o’s account, he has breached the signed agreement and his obligations regarding pension and aid for his education.

Samuel Eto’o He is the father of eight children in total of different relationships – three of them from his marriage to a girlfriend from Ivory Coast – and that of Palma will not be the first appearance in court that he will have to face due to his questionable trajectory off the pitch. Eto’o also has pending a sentence of recognition of paternity of another young woman, Érika, who is now 20 years old and lives in Madrid with her mother, originally from Cape Verde and employed as a waitress. The evidence, the witnesses and the physical similarity between the young woman and her father were so evident that the judge provisionally decreed that Eto’o should pay the young woman a pension of 1,500 euros per month, an amount that the player has not met. regularly, since he owes several months and has been reported for it.

With dual Spanish nationality, if you do not comply with the court summons and sentences, he can be arrested the day he steps on Spanish soil.