Samantha and Maialen, at the gates of the end of ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’

There is nothing left for you ‘Operation Triunfo 2020’Come to an end. The program has managed to continue despite the coronavirus crisis and a two-month interruption. Now, Gala 12 has ended and next week the grand final will take place in which Nia, Eva, Hugo, Anaju and Flavio aspire to become winners. It could not be for Samantha and Maialen, who have stayed at the gates of the last gala.

“Welcome to the semifinal of‘ OT 2020 ’. We are a week away from knowing who will be the winner of this edition“, has started Roberto Leal. “We have four candidates to enter the final, there are only two places left,” recalled the presenter, referring to Anaju, Flavio, Samantha and Maialen. Last week, Nia, Eva and Hugo became the top three finalists of the ‘reality’, chosen by the jury and by the faculty of the Academy.

Contestants for ‘OT 2020’ have opened Gala 12 with ABBA’s ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’.

Tonight, the decision about which last two contestants went to the final has fallen again on the jury, consisting of Natalia Jiménez, Javier Portugués (Portu), Javier Llano and Nina, and as a novelty, on the audience. The first have chosen the fourth finalist, while the spectators have chosen the last lucky by televoting.

“I don’t know if you are aware of what you have done tonight“Javier Llano told Anaju immediately after he sang‘ Nana del Mediterráneo ’from María José Llergo, with Manu Guix at the piano. “It is as if you have crossed the social distance and you have crossed the hearts of the spectators and ours. You have made a superlative interpretation”, Assured the director of Cadena 100.

Javier Llano to Anaju: “What you have done today consecrates you as an artist”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. Does not matter. It would be great to be in the final, but achieving this degree of excellence is in the hands of very few and what you have done today consecrates you as an artist. This is the best award you can get if you want this profession to be your future, ”continued Llano.

Finally, Anaju became the chosen one of the jury to aspire to win ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’. “For his tenacity, for his rigor, for how he has worked, for the risks he has taken and for how he has remained strong. And especially for his voice ”, explained Nina.

Anaju, finalist of 'OT 2020'. (Instagram @operaciontriunfo)
Anaju, finalist of ‘OT 2020’. (Instagram @operaciontriunfo)

Noemi Galera’s message to all the ‘triumphs’

Although the Academy had no decision to make tonight, Roberto Leal has connected live with Naomi Galera to know how the teachers were living the gala. “We are very nervous because today is a very important night for them. We noticed them all very nervous and the truth is that it is a special night, two of them will not continue this last week. But they have all worked so well that we are very proud“Said the director of the Academy.

Galera has also taken the opportunity to make a little balance of the edition. “I think it is an atypical edition and would highlight its adaptability throughout the edition. We stopped for two months, they went home where they adapted to their new reality, and suddenly, with all the information, they plugged in again without losing their goal. They have a physical mental strength that I think is to be commended, and not everyone would have put up with it“Has sentenced the head of the Academy.

A gala with a multitude of guests

Gala 12 of ‘OT’ was the semifinal of the contest. Nia, Eva and Hugo were not risking anything tonight, so they have enjoyed starring two and three performances with their peers and with the artists Blas Cantó, Guille Milkyway and Miki Núñez. Further, Bruno, expelled last week, has accompanied Maialen with the battery, Gèrard has come to present her first single and Natalia Jiménez and Rozalén They have also offered live performances.

The audience makes Flavio the fifth finalist

As the performances went on, there was less time left to vote for the fifth finalist of ‘OT 2020’. Finally and after more than an hour, Flavio has managed to be the contestant that has obtained the most votes (36%), although Maialen (33%) and Samantha (31%) followed closely.

Flavio, finalist of 'OT 2020'. (Instagram @operaciontriunfo)
Flavio, finalist of ‘OT 2020’. (Instagram @operaciontriunfo)

I’m glad I got here. I am very happy and I love you very muchSamantha said, between tears. For her part, Maialen thanked the ‘OT’ public for voting for her: “These people are doing something super nice for me, thank you very much.”

“You are a woman with such a positive and brave attitude,” Roberto Leal told Maialen. “I’ve always had the feeling that I have to do things 7,000 times to be seen once. And here they have given me the opportunity to teach what I do. Thank you very much and I will return it to you with songsMaialen has assured.

Now, the end result is in the hands of the audience, who has this last week to vote for their winner. Who will be the most voted contestant, and therefore the winner, of ‘OT 2020’?