Salvador Illa announces that the epidemic is in the control phase

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa He explained in his appearance on Tuesday that the data indicates that “the epidemic is in a control phase” that thanks to the “state of alarm, no one doubts it anymore, it has worked and has saved lives.”

In relation to this state of alarm and the announced extension, it has been reported that: “we went from co-governance to full governance of the communities in phase 3. The president of the community will be able to make decisions, including requesting passage to the new stage”.

Illa He said that: “Spain has had the hardest confinement among the countries in our environment. This allows us a faster and safer de-escalation. We are studying how to approach the tourist season this year. If the first stage consisted of reaching the peak and bending it, the second stage is the de-escalation, the third stage will be the new normality. At this end of the second stage it is very important to maintain an attitude of prudence. We have already seen that there are sprouts in all countries, also in ours. They are highly traceable and manageable, but the utmost prudence and the early care network are important. It is essential to strictly follow the recommendations of the health authorities. I want to insist on hand washing, the two-meter interpersonal distance, the use of face masks and the hygiene of public spaces, avoiding uncivil behavior. “

Likewise, the owner of Health It has extolled the attitude and work of health workers and essential workers during the coronavirus crisis.

The minister recalled that there is an order in force that prescribes that every group that has a Covid-19 screening test must inform the autonomous community and that it must abide by its recommendations or requests. “It is advisable to test when a person has symptoms or is in close contact with a person who is suffering or has suffered from the disease, and if they are part of risk groups, in other cases it is not recommended.” “It is not recommended to do tests outside of any medical or health prescription.”

Lastly, in reference to the opening of the borders with Portugal, the minister stated that: “at the moment, only cross-border workers are allowed to cross the border” and added that: “the decisions that we can take will take into account the mobility limitations that are decreed in our country ”. “I cannot confirm any date, or June 15, or any other.