Sainz relies on Leclerc’s help at Ferrari

At the team presentation Ferrari, weeks ago, one of the issues that the team leader, Mattia Binotto, was that in a year in which the team must grow after a 2020 season to forget, and in which the team must pursue a long-term objective of being among the best again, the struggles between drivers that were seen in campaigns previous among their old formation, Leclerc and Vettel, could not be repeated between the Monegasque and his new signing, Carlos Sainz. “The first is Ferrari”. Those words have been engraved in the minds of the two men of the team, although perhaps it was not necessary for the Spanish to repeat them. In all the outfits he has gone through, his team spirit has always prevailed. He’s a team man. And as Sainz said, when Ferrari is in position to fight for titles, there will be time for him and Charles to fight on the track. Ferrari, in a pure transition course such as 2021, in which The Maranello team wants to go from sixth place in Constructors to fight for third “at least”, is essential that Charles Leclerc not only work with Carlos to improve the SF21 and to create the car of 2022, it must also be crucial that it helps Sainz in his adaptation to the new car. And is that the challenge for Carlos to stand in the first race of the year with only 1 and a half days of experience with his new car is enormous. Thus, Mundo Deportivo wanted to ask Carlos Sainz by videoconference, in a talk with the Spanish press, if the Monegasque was helping him in this regard in the pre-season tests in Bahrain.

“My philosophy in testing, with all my teammates, has always been to try to open the book of secrets a bit and try to help each other with each other”Sainz responded to Mundo Deportivo.

It is the relationship I had with Lando and at Ferrari I have brought that spirit of trying to open the book a bit and talk to each other to see how we can improve the car together. Today I have much more to learn than
e Charles and use his data more than he is going to learn from mine. I will use his ‘feedback’ to try to understand well what he takes out of the car and how he is capable of getting the most out of the Ferrari every weekend. And therefore I am going to work together with him and I am going to try to learn as much as I can. I trust that he also has the book open and not closed and that we can learn from each other. But above all, more of him than he of me “He added, emphasizing the greater importance that Leclerc’s data will have for him than his for the Monegasque.

All this to adapt as quickly as possible to your new Ferrari. You know that the reduction of winter test days will prevent you from reaching the first appointment with the car by hand. “I do not know when I will be 100% with the car, but I think we will have to wait for more races, because above all there are experiences, qualis, races, that until you live them, until things happen to you you cannot give steps forward ”, he commented.

“With McLaren I got to do some 40 qualis and a few thousand and thousands of laps both in test and race and that gives you a confidence and a knowledge of the car that today with the 100 total laps that I have with the Ferrari, compared to the 10,000 that he had in the McLaren are nothing. Therefore, it is going to have to wait, it is going to have to work hard and live experiences to learn and achieve different things to understand well how this car works ”, he added in relation to his adaptation. And it is that as the Madrilenian indicated well in the virtual meeting with the Spanish press that Ferrari organized, there are many things that he must learn again.

“I personally don’t have insecurity. What I have is perhaps a lack of experience and that lack of the last bit of confidence to know that in races 1, 2 and 3 I am going to get 100% of the car’s potential. With a new car, there are so many things that you have to change, learn, to which you have to adapt and it is practically impossible to know that in the first race you are going to put it at 100%. It is not insecurity, it is to be realistic, to be cautious, because you do not know what you are going to find. And I, I can assure you that after being in 4 different teams in 6 years I have realized that F1 is called F1 but each car could be called in a different way “, he commented in this regard, highlighting that when you start a campaign with a set and a car that you don’t know, “you have to reset all your references, all the things you are used to doing, all the automatisms you have, both with the steering wheel and with the brake, as well as with the accelerator. Reset everything, forget everything you know and start over from scratch ”.