Sainz on the verge of victory: second in the F1 Italian GP after the race of his life

Spectacular. Amazing. Tremendous. ‘Sainzsacional’. Carlos Sainz signed this Sunday the race of his life. To take off his hat. He has been looking for years to take advantage of his options on a day when everything happens. In an F1 dominated by Mercedes, it is in those days, in which the big shots have problems, that Carlos had to fish in a troubled river. And boy did he. He already did it last year in Brazil 2019, achieving his first podium before all odds, and this time, in the F1 2020 Italian GP, ​​in a race in which absolutely everything happened, Carlos won a magnificent second position. It helped to have a McLaren that is much better than in previous courses, also its magnificent classification, starting third, taking full advantage of the first weekend in which his McLaren would no longer suffer in Q3 against its rivals due to the prohibition of the motor map of classification. But above all, the enormous maturity and ambition that Carlos once again exhibited at the wheel of his MCL35 was key, with which he even dreamed of achieving his first F1 victory. The Madrid native made it clear that he is one of the best drivers on the grid. It was not a secret after his magnificent 2019, but on this occasion, he demonstrated a key value for any great in this sport, that of never fainting, continuing to fight despite things going wrong, and attacking like a true predator in a race won by Pierre Gasly, his first F1 win, with Stroll in third place.