Sainz on Alonso: ‘I hallucinate with the criticism of Fernando’

The good relationship that exists between the Sainz and Fernando Alonso is already known and that the Asturian hints that he may be finished almost makes him ill. In the telematic act of his personal sponsor since 2013 Estrella Galicia 0,0, has once again broken a spear in favor of the Oviedo that put his ‘haters’ with the Portimao carrerón in his place. And it took away the iron from overtaking in the race and from Fernando making a tweet in his networks attaching the video of the precise moment.

On whether he thinks of giving it back, Carlo explainsI know that “I prefer to be in front and not have to overtake Fernando, you saw what happened, the little resistance I could do, but I’m happy for him, he made a rush and he deserves it, although in my case the key was that we never had to go back. “

Regarding the criticism that Fernando has received and that if he is finished it is forceful: “I am amazed at how quickly people draw conclusions, they do not realize the level of driver and cars and the competitiveness that exists in F1 today, which is difficult to adapt quickly with pilots with so much experience. After two years without competing with the level that there is, he will always play races or qualifications of suffering but it was already seen that Fernando is passing quickly and on Sunday he was able to do a race, without magic tricks, with work, and suddenly all those criticisms become admirations, which is how our sport is, one day they criticize you and then you are great, that is why I increasingly believe the criticisms and evaluations, which are based on the day to day, less and less ”.

And he values ​​positively the step forward taken by Alpine and Fernando: “They have improved, they will be there from now on. The Renault was the fastest car in the midfield in many races with Ricciardo. If this year they recover sensations and the level of 2020, they will be a car to beat in the middle of the grid. It will be interesting to see how they do it. “