Sainz: ‘I would like to fight with Hamilton and Verstappen, but we have to wait’

Carlos Sainz He is facing his third race at the wheel of a Ferrari with the aim of continuing to progress and continuing with the good adaptation that he showed in his first two Grands Prix dressed in red. The Spanish driver will try, above all, to make progress in the most difficult areas when driving a new car, to get that extra decimal point to a lap, seeking the pure performance of the car in qualifying. In the two races of this course, the Madrilenian was very competitive throughout the weekend and Charles Leclerc said Carlos it was pushing him to go all the way. However, he still has to improve in the final attempts of Q3. In the race, in both appointments he again exhibited his great performance on Sundays, the one that dazzled in McLaren, with great constancy in terms of pace and good management of appointments. This is how Carlos conquered the fifth place in Imola, and now, in a circuit like Portimao in which Ferrari did well last year, it wants to take one more step forward.

“I am adapting, but both Ferrari and I want more. There is still a lot to learn but I am growing, surely we are all demanding more. It’s time to lower your head and work ”Carlos commented in statements to ‘Sky Sport F1 Italia’ before the 2021 F1 Portuguese GP.

In that sense, Carlos, as a competitive animal that he is, did not hesitate to highlight the desire he has to be fighting for victories with Hamilton and Verstappen. However, he was realistic in remarking that at the moment, that cannot be Ferrari’s goal, but to work so that from next year the red team is fighting at the top for everything.

“I would like to fight with Hamilton and Verstappen, but we have to wait a little longer”, He said Sainz, who wants to confirm the good performance exhibited by his Ferrari this weekend on a very different track than Bahrain and Imola, to corroborate the step forward given by the SF21 at top speed and in the behavior of the rear of the car.

“It is difficult to say when the time will come when I will achieve the last tenth, even if I arrive in race 5 or 6 there will always be something to learn. Just as F1 works, my head works. I have to say that I am satisfied with the beginning “He added regarding his evolution with his new car.

“I think the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen will be fun this year, I would like to be in it, but we have to wait a little longer.”, ended.

“We are only in the second race of the season and as far as I am concerned there is still a lot to learn. For now I’m happy, I’m getting used to it and I’m growing. The team obviously wants more, I have to keep my head down and work, ”he commented at the official FIA press conference prior to the Portuguese GP.

“The sprint race to be tested in 3 Saturdays? An extra race on the weekend can make things interesting, because racing is what all drivers prefer to do. Fewer free practice sessions? I don’t think much is going to change. Last year we only did one hour of free practice at Imola, then it became clear that it didn’t make much difference for the riders ”.