Sainz: ‘I have shown that when I have the opportunity to win I will be there’

Carlos Sainz He went from the rage on Saturday, when he knew he could make pole, but he was left without trying because of the accident of Leclerc, to jump on top of all his equipment to receive the most desired hug and the subsequent blows to the helmet of all his mechanics at the end of the Monaco F1 GP 2021. He achieved a second magical position in a mythical place, in the streets of the Principality, his first podium dressed in red. He could not hide his enormous joy, although showing that his hunger and ambition have no limits, assuring that at the same time he was happy, he was somewhat disappointed. He was happy to give his team a necessary podium, but in turn, he knew that Ferrari could have left Monaco with a double if Leclerc had not had his accident and the subsequent problems that prevented him from competing. But the best thing was his final message before the DAZN microphones: “I think today is a day to be happy, a weekend to show that the next time there is an opportunity to win, I will be there to take advantage of it “. Carlos already knows what it is to be second with Ferrari. Now he wants to know what it is to celebrate a triumph with the ‘Cavallino’ on his chest. He will work for it as before, tirelessly.


“It’s a great result, if you had told me before coming to Monaco that I would have finished second, I would have taken it. But the circumstances of the weekend, Charles on pole, me missing that last good lap, maybe it doesn’t taste good but I’m sure that when I look back and see this weekend I will be very happy and proud. And I think Ferrari as a team also have to be proud of the car and the step forward we have made this year.


“A bit. Obviously you have more responsibility to save the (team’s) weekend. You have a car that started from pole and you want to give the team a podium. We had to get out well, there was a lot of traffic at the stops and we were turning into cars very fast, and Valtteri also stopped. Even without that I had a very good car today and I felt that the team deserved that podium. “


“Today more could not be done. I think we had a very good pace throughout the weekend and today I think I have had sections of the race where I have been able to show it. So happy with second place. Maybe not entirely happy for the team, maybe because of that feeling you have of having the pole in your hand and not having won the race, but after what happened yesterday, today seconds was the maximum that could be done ” .


“The key today was that at the slightest opportunity I had to show the rhythm, show it. There has been a time when I tried to put more pressure on Max, but when I got closer to 2 seconds I knew that he was also comfortable, that they had taken a step forward compared to Thursday, and I could not put too much pressure on him because he has there has been a lot of graining. But coming out fourth and finishing second in Monaco is a good situation ”.


“When you are comfortable with the car, they do not become too long, you trace the site, you approach the walls where you want, that has been the trend a little throughout the weekend. I was very comfortable with the car and perhaps what we lacked a bit was that graining of the front tire that we did not expect, but it is that I have been very fast and very comfortable throughout the weekend, and therefore that bittersweet feeling On the part of the team, for my part, not having made pole yesterday and leaving with that second place that if you had told me before coming of course I would buy it … but seeing how we were doing all weekend, maybe not so much”.


“Surely more than one like me waited for Max’s mistake to see if he fell, but it wasn’t like that in the end. The level of drivers in F1 this year, the number of young people who are very fast … and the good thing is that we are all, and in the end there are few opportunities as there were in the past. Congratulations to all. I think today is a day to be happy, a weekend to show that the next time there is an opportunity to win, I will be there to take advantage of it “


“There was good vibes but above all there was speed. Lando is doing a great job. For me it is not a surprise. I know how fast it is. I was happy to share the podium with him. They are our rivals in the championship but with the good vibes I have with Lando, I wanted to share a podium with him ”.