Sainz has stolen the heart of Ferrari

Sainz has stolen the heart of Ferrari in a few months. We are not saying it, so the journalists who closely follow everything that happens inside the factory assure it. Maranello. MD chatted with 4 of the transalpine special envoys to F1 to find out how the arrival of Carlos to a team considered in the country of the boot at the height of an entire national soccer team. His answer was unanimous: “It was the right choice for Ferrari.”

“He presented himself very well. Knowing how to speak Italian is already a great help to create a good relationship with the team. With Vettel-type pilots there was always that distance. Carlos is a nice, jovial person, with whom he sympathizes very easily and this has helped him with the relationship with the team ”, he remarks Stefano Mancini, journalist for ‘La Stampa’, extolling the enormous work carried out by Carlos behind the scenes, which is why he even moved to live in Maranello to be always available and close to the factory.

For me, Sainz is the best investment Ferrari has made in recent years. It is the right choice. I didn’t see another driver in his place and he’s exceeding expectations

“It has exceeded expectations,” he says. Daniele Sparisci, journalist for ‘Il Corriere della Sera’. “Ferrari, after Mercedes and Red Bull, have the strongest pair. We knew that Carlos was a very focused boy, very intelligent, but also is being very fast. You just need patience, especially in qualifying, to get to your best version “Daniele adds. “For me, Sainz is the best investment of Ferrari in recent years. It’s new air “he exclaims openly.

“People like Sainz. He is a good driver and has shown that he is fast. It has yet to continue in this growth process. It has been seen that all the riders who have changed teams have encountered difficulties with respect to their teammate”, Considers Mancini.

It took little time for the tifosi to start loving Carlos Sainz

“I think people at the beginning could think it was a gamble, especially because a four-time champion like Vettel was leaving. But it took little time for the Tifosi to begin to appreciate and love Carlos Sainz. He is a very loved rider ”, he also expresses Luigi Perna, journalist from
‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’.

Carlos Sainz, in Monaco

The Sainz-Leclerc couple

On behalf of ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, the journalist Paolo Filisetti also attends to MD, who highlights Carlos’s great relationship with Leclerc, although raising a final doubt in his speech. “The couple that he forms with Leclerc is of a relationship of absolute mutual esteem and friendship and We will have to see how long this can last because Carlos is talented, and the moment he adapts to the car and the team’s methodology, he can become a dangerous customer for Charles “.

“He himself said that he still can’t make a perfect lap”, sentence Mancini, reiterating Sainz’s own explanations: “He manages to make specific sectors faster than Leclerc but not a complete lap with the 3 sectors. So that he has to put everything together and at that point gamble. It’s hard. It will be tough, but I think he has the speed to upset Leclerc. “.

Leclerc takes a selfie with Carlos Sainz

Leclerc takes a selfie with Carlos Sainz

Going for Ferrari number 1?

In that sense, as to whether he can beat a Leclerc, no one doubts. “It depends on him,” they say. Daniele sparisci yes believe that “Leclerc has more pure talent and killer spirit”, something you agree on Luigi Perna, although with a fundamental nuance:
“At the beginning he is already fighting with Leclerc at the same level, he pushes him, puts him in difficulty and in the race it has a similar rhythm. Doing all this next to a Leclerc who is considered a phenomenon, a star, means that Carlos has a lot of talent. They are two different drivers, I agree. Leclerc is super aggressive and Carlos is much more mental and calculating. But there are so many calculating drivers who have won and have done very well in F1. “, highlights.

Carlos can be Ferrari number 1 driver

“I think Carlos can be Ferrari number 1. You win the position of number 1 on the track, so it will be seen in direct confrontations from when the car allows him and his teammate to fight for positive results. I don’t see why it can’t be number 1 for Ferrari. Carlos, clearly, has not arrived at Ferrari to play the role of number 2. He has come with less Ferrari experience but more F1 experience. Leclerc and Sainz’s is a very positive present and future couple “, points for his part Paolo

Carlos Sainz, with Ferrari

Carlos Sainz, with Ferrari

Can Carlos be a champion in the future with Ferrari?

“Why not?”, they all respond to the question of whether Carlos can be champion with Ferrari, although making it clear that this depends on the Italian team being able to give him a winning car. Filisetti expects this to happen in 2022, with the Maranello team as the team that best understands the 2022 regulatory revolution and the creation of the new cars.

“It will be the track that says it. But… why not? ”Asks Luigi Perna, from‘ La Gazzetta dello Sport ’. “He has already surprised me with his growth in recent years, because I did not think that Sainz could become the Carlos Sainz that he is now.. He is a complete driver, who has so many qualities already developed and has come to Ferrari at the right time in his growth in his career. Among all his talents, he is now showing perhaps the most important, that of being a team man: knowing how to join a team, knowing how to make himself known, making himself appreciated and learning what are the things he must do within a team to reach success. be a winner within that team. So why not? Who is it that forbids you to think that Carlos can take that further step to join the group of Leclerc, Verstappen, Hamilton and be the one who wins the title? “Luigi continues.

Carlos Sainz continues in his process of adapting to the car

Carlos Sainz continues in his process of adapting to the car

How many years will Carlos be at Ferrari?

Looking ahead, with Carlos with this and another year on his contract and a Mick schumacher In the chamber still with much to learn in F1, nobody believes that the German can take the seat from the Spanish in the short term.

“If he achieves results, if he continues to work well with Leclerc and if he manages to win some races and be there with Leclerc ensuring that Ferrari can fight for the World Cup,” then Carlos will be destined to stay for many years in Maranello. If this happens there is no need to fear the competition of Mick Schumacher. Also because Mick still has a lot to prove in F1, “he says. Perna.

“I think Mick Schumacher should be left at Haas to learn and show his talent, next year especially, when you have a more competitive car than your current one, that is not a car. Y I think Carlos Sainz could stay at Ferrari for 4 years or more. It is the best place. Where to go? “, Sparisci expresses.

If he achieves results, Carlos is destined to stay for many years in Maranello

“Carlos has the right cards to be able to have a rather long career with Ferrari. How long? We will see. I don’t see Mick as an imminent danger to Carlos. Mick bears the father’s last name, but it remains to be seen what will mature. It is important that Mick starts showing something substantial and not just his last name. I hope that Ferrari in the future does not choose only by the surname for a marketing operation and does bear in mind the capabilities of the driver “, concludes Filisetti. Sainz’s future is in his own hands.

Carlos Sainz, in the past Portuguese GP

Carlos Sainz, in the past Portuguese GP

Another of the fields in which Ferrari has come out winning and much with the signing of Carlos Sainz in the place of Vettel is in one so essential for a car brand and an F1 team with as many sponsors as him. marketing. The Spaniard is not only achieving better results on the track and forging a much closer relationship with the team. He is also projecting it to fans around the world thanks to his naturalness and ease of communication.. It is not only a matter of speaking Italian, but it depends on many other things. “If you talk to people from Ferrari they tell you that they are very happy with the way they work and also the sponsors, because they are a very inclusive person.. You see how he gets along with Leclerc, also how he works on social networks, how he promotes everything about Ferrari, the cars … They have gone from having Vettel, who had no presence on social networks, to Carlos Sainz, who is very active and very willing”Says Daniele Sparisci, a journalist for‘ Il Corriere della Sera ’.