Sainz, enigmatic: ‘It doesn’t depend so much on how strong you are in’ qualy ‘

Charles Sainz was somewhat enigmatic at the end of the second session of trainings GP 70th anniversary of F1
. Something prepares McLaren to surprise the rest on Sunday. After what was seen a week ago with the tires, and after Pirelli will bring Silverstone on this occasion some rubber one point softer, those of Woking they could prioritize the race over qualifying. That’s what you can read between the lines when reviewing the work he did this Friday McLaren and with the statements made by the Madrilenian after the day today. McLaren was the only team that only used sets of soft tires on this opening day to collect data and try to improve throughout the year on this compound. As Carlos said, the English car is one of the ones that degrades this rubber the most and they want to make progress in this regard. And the way was to go round and round on the track today. The British thus ensured that they had more new, unworn soft and hard tires for qualifying and the race. Possible declaration of intentions to try to sneak into Q3 with this rubber, something complex, or possible warning that they prefer to start from beyond the tenth place with a much better strategy than those who go out on Sunday with the soft inside the Top 10.

McLaren he is looking for the best result for Sunday. They don’t want a good rating at any price. Going out in a good grid position with softs on the race could be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. They know that in Woking, and for that reason, they may surprise in ‘qualy’ and on Sunday. So far that’s what it seemed to mean Carlos Sainz in his statements to ‘Sky Italia’.

“We are thinking now that it does not depend so much on how strong you are in qualifying, but what is best for the race. We don’t know if we are strong enough to enter Q3 on the medium tire. This will be known when Q2 arrives, but we are evaluating all the options for the race, because for us that soft tire does not look good to us ”.

Carlos Sainz, at Silverstone


“It was a very different Friday from the one we are used to. We decided to put all the soft tires on today and save the hard ones for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. We will see if that affects or not. The fact is that we see that as a team we suffered a lot with the soft tires and there was a lot to learn ”.


“We wanted to try the soft ones. We suffer with the softer tires because we have more degradation than the rest and we put the tires in a little more crisis with the temperature. We also thought that the medium tire might not be too negative a tire for qualifying and for Sunday, so we wanted to save them a bit. We will see. It was a strange day because we hardly had any race simulation when riding on the soft ”.


“I do not know if Renault has brought news but today they seemed very strong. There is so much to see. We will have to keep an eye on Renault. Racing Point we know that if nothing strange happens they are a couple of tenths ahead. Ferrari in qualifying we saw that it is ahead. we see that he is getting even more competitive with every race.

Carlos Sainz, at the GP 70th anniversary of F1 2020
Carlos Sainz, at the GP 70th anniversary of F1 2020