Sainz and his ‘scare’ in Bahrain: ‘It was stressful but I reacted’

Carlos Sainz signed a great first qualifying session with Ferrari. Although he still has to get to know his car and the behavior of his car with the track changes, the Madrilenian surpassed Charles Leclerc in all qualifying sessions, but failed to do so in the Q3 final, where his lack of experience with the red car prevented him from seeking the extra point of time he needed to end the day with a huge smile. Finally, Sainz finished in eighth position, seeing how his teammate was 4 to 6 tenths, a time that the Madrid native attributed to not having attacked with everything in turn 1 because he did not know how his car would behave at that moment after a warm-up lap with heavy traffic.

Before, he had to live a tense start. Had surpassed Leclerc in his first attempt in Q1, but he had to go back on track due to the improvement of the asphalt to confirm his passage to Q2. However, in full turn, his engine stalled. “The engine has stopped and I do not know why,” he exclaimed over the radio before a failure that could have been caused by vibrations generated by having climbed on a piano. “Engine Stop ”, you could read on its steering wheel.

Problems for Carlos Sainz in Q1 of the 2021 F1 Bahrain GP
Problems for Carlos Sainz in Q1 of the 2021 F1 Bahrain GP
Problems for Carlos Sainz in Q1 of the 2021 F1 Bahrain GP

Fortunately, it was not a major damage and Carlos was able to start his car again. He could not complete that attempt and went to Q2 by the hair, being 15th. And after that, far from getting nervous, he recovered himself and showed the enormous mettle that Ferrari likes so much to lead Q2. However, he still has a long way to go to be 100% with his new car and equipment. It was clear in Q3, as was the enormous potential and room for improvement that the new red pearl has. In Ferrari they can be happy, just like Carlos showed himself Sainz in statements to ‘DAZN’ F1.


“It has been stressful at least that first Q1 with what happened there. But I think that we have reacted well, that we have recovered after that shock and we have been able to do a good Q2, very good, really. When I first saw myself there, I was a bit lacking. I have lacked that little bit of experience, that after an out lap with a lot of traffic I did not know what to expect at Turn 1, perhaps I was a bit conservative and I lost a lot of time in the first sector that it was difficult for me to recover later ”.


“Overall it has been a good weekend so far. I’m going fast and let’s see if we can finish tomorrow ”.


“I have been trying to improve every lap. every time I went out on the track I think it has been a new experience for me, with the changing wind, that every time I went up more … the truth is that the track has become complicated towards the end and for me it was a bit of experimenting new sensations. Going through all these new sensations in your first qualifying is difficult, but I have been adapting, less in Q3, which was not a good lap and it was a shame. But you learn from everything “


“I am prepared, as always. I don’t know how prepared, but yes ”.