Sainz and Alonso, encouraging Friday in Portimao

It’s just a Friday and it’s too early to jump to conclusions. To do this, we will have to wait for the qualifying session on Saturday at the Portuguese GP, when everyone already puts all the meat on the grill. But as they say, nobody is bitter about a sweet, and for now, the first day of free practice in Portimao left a very different image than the one Alpine Y Fernando Alonso exhibited two weeks ago in Imola. Last Monday, Marc Gené said that he expected much more from French cars and that what happened in Italy believed that it should be considered an exception because the characteristics of the track choked the French car. The Catalan of Ferrari, or at least, that is what is distilled from what happened this Friday in Portimao, a day in which Sainz embroidered him with the fourth position.

Alpine Progress

Fernando arrived after a transalpine appointment in which he was very critical of himself, assuring that he was not “at the right level” and that he still had to adapt to his Alpine in its return to F1, also making it clear that there was a lot of potential to understand and extract from the car with respect to the simulations. Well, it seems that in Portugal, the blue team is getting it. Proof of this is the fifth position achieved in FP2 by Alonso, at 0 ”383, and sixth place for his partner Ocon (at 0” 398). And as for the pace in the long run, both riders shared the task, working together, riding one with the medium and the other with the soft to make it clear that the race pace has also improved.

However, we will have to wait until Saturday to see if Alpine can be confirmed. At a turn, the amount of gasoline he was carrying is unknown and, in turn, much more than Mclaren, which finished in 8th place with Ricciardo and in the 12th with Norris. After what happened in Imola, everyone hopes that those of Woking They rise to the top places in the middle zone in this Saturday’s classification after hiding again this Friday.

Fernando Alonso, in the 2021 F1 Portuguese GP

Final classification of the FP2 of Portimao

Final classification of the second practice of the GP of Portimao of F1 2021

Final classification of the second practice of the GP of Portimao of F1 2021

Sainz, exciting day

In that fight will be Ferrari, which despite not having updates in this third race, continues to leave very good sensations, with a Carlos Sainz that, on a complicated track and a new car, returned to perform perfectly, with a good pace of race and the 4th best time in simulation of ‘qualy’. The Spaniard (at 0 ”360) from the head, again squeezed Charles Leclerc, which was 7th, just over a tenth of Madrid’s (0 ”523 from the best). Of course, we must not forget that Pérez should be in those positions this Saturday, who could only be 10th.

This group should also join AlphaTauri, who occupied positions more backward than usual, with Gasly 11th and Tsunoda in the 14th position.

Hamilton hits first, but watch out for Verstappen

The fight for the middle zone is tremendously even, but the head has nothing to envy, since this weekend everything seems ready for a third round of the exciting head-to-head between Hamilton and Verstappen. For now, the Englishman, who this week will seek his 100th pole position, took the lead with the best time on Friday (1’19 ”837), with Verstappen at 0 “143. The Dutchman was able to be second despite suffering several problems during the day.

Lewis Hamilton, in the 2021 F1 Portuguese GP

Lewis Hamilton, in the 2021 F1 Portuguese GP

In FP1, Max was 25 thousandths of Bottas complaining of poor visibility due to the strong vibration suffered by the tires. And in the afternoon, after a problem with the brakes, he was second again. But aside from the fight at a turn, the Dutchman seems to have his best weapon in the race pace, where he was more competitive in his timetables, being able to break the 1’23 ”barrier with more ease and consistency than the Mercedes. The battle seems exciting. One more. And continue.


lap 11: 1: 24.281

v. 12: 1: 25.006

v. 13: 1: 23.448

v. 14: 1: 23.882

v. 16: 1: 25.135

v. 17: 1: 24.614

v. 19: 1: 23.856

v. 20: 1: 26.040

v. 22: 1: 25.608


v. 12: 1: 24.988


v. 9: 1: 24.180

v. 10: 1: 24.371

v. 13: 1: 23.940

v. 14: 1: 24.449

v. 15: 1: 23.669


v. 11: 1: 23.298

v. 13: 1: 22.916

v. 16: 1: 22.950

v.17: 1: 23.181

v. 18: 1: 23.410

v. 19: 1: 22.906


v. 13: 1: 23.403

v. 18: 1: 23.356


v. 10: 1: 22.949

v. 11: 1: 23.962

v. 12: 1: 23.311

v. 13: 1: 23.129


v. 11: 1: 23.778

v.12. 1: 23.621

v. 15: 1: 23.714


Lap 11: 1: 24.009

v. 12: 1: 24.826

v. 13: 1: 23.932

v. 14: 1: 27.732

v. 15: 1: 24.180


v. 11: 1: 25.004

v. 12: 1: 24.298

v. 13: 1: 24.197

v. 14: 1: 24.532

v. 15: 1: 24.532


v. 8: 1: 24.417

V. 9: 1: 24.701

v. 12: 1: 25.009

v. 14: 1: 24.328


v. 15: 1: 24.766

Or with:

v. 10: 1: 24.687

v. 11: 1: 25.018

v. 12: 1: 24.832

v. 14: 1: 24.670

v. 15: 1: 25.060

v. 16: 1: 25.449

v. 17: 1: 24.893

v. 19: 1: 24.577

v. 20: 1: 24.222

v. 23: 1: 23.942


v. 14: 1: 24.864

v.17: 1: 24.574

v.21. 1: 24.607


v.17: 1: 24.085