Sainz, after 300 kilometers without rear brakes: ‘It was very difficult’

Very difficult day for Carlos Sainz in the stage 9 of the Dakar 2021. The Madrid pilot and his navigator, Lucas Cruz, suffered a puncture in the first part of the special and later ran out of rear brakes. The Spanish crew tried to repair the fault, stopping for 15 minutes, but there was no brake fluid left and they had to face the stage without them.

“A brake fluid line has come loose and practically everything has come out. We had to stop and repair so that it did not finish emptying for the rest of the stage. We have done 300 kilometers with hardly any brakes. We have also suffered a puncture ”, expressed Carlos through a statement.

In statements released by Red bull upon getting out of his vehicle, the Spaniard assured that it was a “very difficult” day.

For me it was a bit more difficult because we lost the brakes and we had to do the whole stage like this. It was not easy. I had a puncture, but the real problem was the brakes. I did not have”.

“It happened soon. We stopped to try to fix them but there was no more liquid “added the Spanish.

Carlos Sainz, in the Dakar 2021

“It was a difficult stage for us. A brake pipe came loose, We lost the fluid and we did the special without brakes all over the back and in front we had a little bit of brakes and we had to be very careful. It has been very difficult”, he finished, reiterating the complications he had on a day in which finally, despite running out of brakes, he exhibited a good pace during the second part of the special.

Charles he passed kilometer 157 at 21’19 ”from Peterhansel and despite going without brakes, he was able to maintain this disadvantage, finally giving up 22’30” this Wednesday, staying like this to 1h02’25 ”from his MINI teammate in general.

Carlos Sainz, in the Dakar 2021
Carlos Sainz, in the Dakar 2021