Sainz, a podium to make Ferrari and all of Italy smile

Carlos Sainz will have to change jumpsuit. Surely he broke a seam or another, and it is that this Sunday the Spanish did not fit in him of the happiness he felt. He got out of the car knowing that he was living one of the most beautiful moments of his life, without a doubt, and that above all, it was the beginning of something very big. On Monaco, there is no more majestic setting in which a pilot wants more to savor Champagne. Did Carlos making perfect use of the opportunity that fate gave him with his partner’s pre-race abandonment Leclerc and the back of Bottas. Was second after Verstappen, and as if that were not enough, he could share a podium with his friend and former partner Lando norris. Everything was in the family. But above all, the important thing for the Spaniard was to get rid of the responsibility that he had carried on his back with great maturity, that of a whole team that needed a result like this Saturday. Especially after Leclerc’s initial disappointment. He could not fail. He had to do it for all his mechanics, engineers, and for all the people he has already gotten so close to at the factory. MaranelloWhere you go whenever you need to, and even when you don’t, you’re there too, ready to work. The Spaniard is another Ferrarista and wanted to give his team a joy that would mean the end to the sadness of 2020, the turning point, the beginning of the resurgence of the Italians in the short term rather than the long term. He got it. A podium for a team that moves an entire country. A podium for all of Italy.

For this reason, when he got out of the car, he did not hesitate for a single moment to go to all his mechanics, to melt into a tremendous hug with them, to clash those hands that take so much care of a car that in Monaco was on the podium on its own merits and to receive the blows to the helmets of all those men who today did have reason to smile. It had been a long time since they had done it, since Vettel’s podium at the 2020 Turkish GP. And it had been a long time since the last second position of a Ferrari driver in F1, since the first race of the year in 2020. Carlos had returned the joy to Ferrari, even for a day, knowing that in the following races the car should not be so competitive. Monaco was an oasis for Ferrari, which in a slow curve, embroider it. You can possibly find a similar prize in Hungary, but on more mixed circuits, you will have to settle for fighting to lead the middle zone.

Among that pineapple formed by mechanics, he was with Charles Leclerc, with whom he also hugged, a symptom of the good relationship between them. The time will come for the two to fight for the World Cup, that is what they hope at Ferrari. At the moment, the two push as if they were one. And because of this, even though Charles’s eyes were somewhat saddened by the opportunity he had missed to shine at home, he joined his team’s party knowing that what was happening was the best thing that could happen to those of Maranello.

Later, Carlos Sainz He would go up to the podium and enjoy Champagne with his friend Norris, with whom he primed himself to throw several liters in his face. They both jostled playfully and Norris hit him back. “With Norris (his ex-McLaren teammate) there was good vibes but above all there was speed. Lando is doing a great job. For me it is not a surprise. I know how fast it is. I was happy to share the podium with him. They are our rivals in the championship but with the good vibes I have with Lando, I wanted to share a podium with him “, expressed in ‘DAZN F1’.

It was time to enjoy. In his fifth career as a Ferrarista his prize arrived. But it is not satisfied: “I think today is a day to be happy, a weekend to show that the next time there is an opportunity to win I will be there to take advantage of it”said the Madrilenian, demonstrating his limitless ambition and team spirit once again, recalling that that moment could have been even better for Ferrari this weekend.

“I’ve been very fast and very comfortable throughout the weekend, and that’s why that bittersweet feeling on the part of the team, on my part for not having made pole yesterday, and for leaving with that second place that if you had told me. Before coming of course I will buy it for you. But seeing how we were going all weekend, maybe not so much, “he concluded.