Sad faces on Athletic’s return to Lezama

The Athletic is already in Bilbao after his return from Seville, where yesterday he lost the Cup final against Barça. The players of the Bilbao team, in the manner and manner of what happened two weeks ago after their return from the capital of Seville after falling to Real, have gone to their respective buses for a direct exit from the Loiu airport. Sad faces, of course, among the members of the squad by Marcelino.

The lions will hardly have time to recover from this new football and emotional blow, since on Wednesday Betis awaits you at Villamarín. Athletic, therefore, will return to Seville shortly, but this time to face a league match. The clash against Pellegrini’s is set for 20 hours.

The lions, curiously, were the executioners of Betis in the Cup tournament that yesterday reached its end. The rojiblancos eliminated Pellegrini’s team in the verdiblanco stadium itself in the penalty shoot-out. Juanmi put the locals ahead with five minutes to go before the conclusion of the clash, but Iñigo Martínez equalized in the extension time and forced the extension. That reaction capacity has been lacking in the two final disputed and lost by Athletic within a period of fifteen days.