Sacchi reveals what he advised Guardiola

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, Arrigo Sacchi granted an interview to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ in which he reveals that he advised Guardiola during last November, when the Manchester City I was going through a bad time. Since then, the ‘citizens’ began to win everything.

“The Bayern Munich plays well, even Manchester City since he pressed again. Guardiola He called me in November at the most critical moment. I told him: “They don’t push.” Pep improves the championships in which he plays because he transmits knowledge and courage, as my Milan did, in fact in those years in Europe the other Italian teams also won. In the last ten years, no one has won. Atalanta and Milan are the teams that play the best. Atalanta makes the best pressure. Nobody has 11 always active men like Gasperini, Conte is on the right track. It is seen that he is fighting and fighting against some old habit ”, he affirmed.